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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Getting Sunset Wedding Photos

  • Learn to work fast-Given that you have discussed with the couple beforehand the poses that they would do for their wedding sunset photos, it is up to you to shoot the best pictures as fast as you can. Sunsets change color within a matter of second. Which is why you should try to take the couple’s portraits as much as possible with every changing hue of the sunset. In doing this, they will have a wider array of photos, with the different colours of the sunset, to choose from.
  • Practice with your camera’s flash and adjustments-It would be a bigger bonus if you can at least head out to the place where the couple’s sunset portraits will be taken a day before. Doing this will give you the chance to experiment with the best camera settings given the natural sunset’s lighting. You would want to show the sunset vis-à-vis the couple, and not waste this opportunity by using too much flash. You can bring a friend to test each camera setting on a person as a subject.
  • Be creative-During the sunset’s period where it has almost disappeared down the horizon, you can take pictures of the couple’s silhouette. Again, this takes a lot of skill in ensuring that the figures of the couple are individually emphasized. The best photographers can still capture their subject’s emotions even if they are just taking pictures of their silhouettes.
  • Be prepared-Of course, you should explain with the couple the chances of not having a beautiful sunset on the day of their wedding. One cannot predict how the weather will turn out, even with weather predicting devices. This is the reason why you can suggest other alternatives if this may happen. Better yet, if the couple are willing to hold their sunset wedding photo shoot before or after the wedding, you can do this since they will have more time on their hands.

Have a Fairytale Princess Wedding

The wedding theme

Be a storyteller and create a unique princess theme. Do you prefer to be Princess Belle, Snow White, Cinderella? Or are you more like Princess Ariel, or Princess Jasmine?


Select an enchanting venue that will blow your guests away. A grand castle or royal garden would totally make your wedding be remembered after years.

Those Little Details

Every detail needs to be taken care of to have a memorable princess wedding! Arrive at the ceremony in the princess style with a horse-drawn carriage, like in a fairy tale. Don’t forget the ambience! The grander, the better! Add a touch of romance with sparkling crystals or rose petals scattered on the floor. How romantic! Also create a storybook for your guests to share the love story with your fiance.

The Wedding Attire

It’s your big day! Make sure you select a beautiful wedding dress that make you look and feel like a Disney Princess! A beautiful bridal gown is key to a successful princess wedding. A dramatic corset back wedding ball gown, a stunning mermaid wedding dress or a bridal gown with long train will be ideal to create a formal and royal look.

After finding your dream gown, do not forget to pick some sparkling accessories to finish the fairytale bridal look. A pair of opera-length glove would create a regal look easily, if you want to look like Princess Belle. Apply a dazzling tiara to your wedding hair if you want to look like Princess Ariel. A wedding necklace or choker would be perfect for a Cinderella bridal look. Oh, don’t forget that Cinderella wears shining crystal slippers, so try to find a pair of delicate sandals to complete the wedding look. As to the hairstyle, think about those French twist that curls piled on top of your head!

Bridesmaids should also wear something formal and elegant. Floor-length gowns would do great for princess weddings. Choose those rich colors like purple, red or pink to add a royal and romantic look.