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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Save Bucks on Your Wedding

Check on the Guest List: A never-ending guest lists comes without saying with most Indian weddings. But do not forget it also means extended spends on their arrival, stay, food and all other arrangements by your choice of shaadi organizing services. Careful attention is needed when it comes to cutting down on guest names from the list. Do not end up not inviting special people for your wedding.

Rope in an Event Management Service: Secondly, it is the decorations and food that consume the second large share of money. If you can take the wedding up with a reputable matchmaking service or a good event planner, then you can be assured to limit costs as your wedding will then be managed wholly or partially by the event manager within a given pre-decided budget. If you would not like to rope in an event manager and have decided to do it all by yourself, then selecting simple but attractive decorations is advisable. Spending more on food in terms of quality should be a better idea – you may however cut down on the number of items you serve to your guests.

Make it a “One-Day Affair”: Indian shaadis are mostly organized in a two-day format where the first day is the main wedding ceremony day and the other one is the reception. If you want to save money, then you can avoid organizing a reception for your wedding. It is not important for all to plan a lavish reception dinner for guests. Invite all your guests for a one time dinner I.e. on the main wedding ceremony day. It will help you save on a whole lot of moolah.

There are many other places where you can cut down on your spend. You can plan for cheaper flowers, decorations, hotels and facilities. Besides, you can always take the assistance of event planners and guides. Popular matchmaking services can also assist you in planning low budgeted weddings.

Delivering Your Wedding Speech

Length of the Wedding Speech

The actual running time for everyone’s speeches is about an hour. The last thing you want to do is be the person who bores the audience with your speech and has everyone uninterested. A good wedding speech length per person should be around five minutes. This provides enough time to cover all of the essentials while making sure you have enough time for professional wedding photography.

Practice the Speech

By practicing the wedding speech, you will appear much more comfortable and calm when the time comes to actually read it. If you have only ever skimmed through your speech prior to reading it, you will naturally appear more nervous and are more likely to stumble on your wording. Try also practicing with someone else to ensure the content is enjoyed by others. Have them provide you with constructive criticism if you would like to improve your speech.

Pace Yourself

As with any public speaking, it is important to breathe slowly and always take breaths during your wedding speech. This will help keep you calm and stop you from making your speech too rushed or sounding as if you were in a panic. Your speech will feel much more calm and provide your audience a chance to clap or laugh during the appropriate moments.

Eye Contact

If you are feeling nervous and don’t want to seem like it, smile and make sure you look members of the audience in the eye. This will show that you are happy and trying to engage your audience in your speech will hopefully mirror the effect onto them. Make eye contact with members of the wedding party, which will show your personable side.

Type of Ceremony to Have

Some beautiful venues such as country houses or rural barns have arrangements with their parish church if they are not licensed for ceremonies, this could prove a good option for you. If you really do not want a church ceremony but have your heart set on a venue that is not licensed then you could consider using a celebrant. Your ‘legal’ marriage would need to be conducted elsewhere (e.g. at the local registry office). The celebrant can then ‘marry’ you in front of your family and friends how you want and where you want, as it is not a ‘legal’ act you have no restrictions at all.

Check the venues you visit are available on your chosen date before you visit. His will save you falling in love with somewhere you cannot book. If you can be flexible with your date you will get a better choice and often there are discounts available for weekdays. Before you visit any venues remember it is probably the most important decision you will make when planning your wedding. It is the place where you will spend most if not all of your day, you may have your ceremony there and it will be the backdrop for your photographs. Also they will feed you and your guests and they will be ‘looking after’ you all day. Above all you will spend a lot of money with them so make sure you are really happy before you commit. If you have already chosen you photographer and/or videographer then ask them if they have any recommendations. After all they will have visited quite a few experiencing weddings there. They will have an idea on the service, the staff, and the look of the place and so on.

Why not go for a meal ‘incognito’ so that you can check out their service and the food quality? If you have been there before for a wedding then that is perfect. You will know firsthand if you will be happy there on your wedding day. Once you are more or less certain on a particular venue then make sure that they invite you to go for a food tasting and that they let you try all things you are considering for your menu, food and drink! If you are having a ‘themed’ wedding then check that the venue can accommodate this and it can be decorated in the way that you want. Make sure as well that the venue has enough space for all the different stages of your day. For example the ceremony, reception drinks, the wedding breakfast and the evening do.

If you choose somewhere that has a specific ‘wedding coordinator’ make sure you get on well with them! Also check that it will be them attending to you on the day and ask them how they work. Will they gently remind you of the time and keep you on track for your plan for the day? Talk to them about what happens if the weather is wet and make sure that there is a proper robust plan for the ceremony, drinks, photographs and so on. If you are going to get married at the venue check if you can get married outside (weather permitting) do not assume that this will be the case, as some venues do not have this option. Talk to your wedding coordinator about whether or not you get exclusive use of the venue. This can sometimes mean that you have to commit to taking some or all of the rooms. It may be worth it to ensure that you have the place completely to yourselves. Think about your wedding night accommodation, can you stay there? Do you want to stay there? If not is there somewhere nearby that will suit your needs? Also consider that some of your guests may need accommodation too.

Making Preliminary Wedding Plans

Firstly, you need to consider your guest list and decide how many people you want involved, and how far they are willing or likely to travel. Preliminary wedding plans should consider all the elements as a whole, and if you look at your list and only a small handful of the people are going to be able to travel then you might either want to scale down plans to go abroad or just focus on a small, intimate “destination” event. This is not to say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too! You could plan to have your ceremony in the exotic locale of your dreams with a small group of family and friends, and then have a reception for everyone else when you return home.

Secondly, you need to consider the actual location. If you’re a London lady who wants to keep it in the city you may need to factor travel costs and hotels for your guests into your wedding plans. Likewise, the same can be said if you are looking to have a reception or ceremony somewhere out in the country. Once you’ve considered the ramifications and narrowed it down to a rough area, then you’ll be able to pinpoint and exact location of your dreams within that vicinity.

Do you want an indoor or outdoor event? There are so many options, and this is a really tough decision with plenty of pros and cons for both options. You could even go for an event in a pavilion to get the best of both worlds should the fickle British weather threaten to dampen your big day. From this decision come many other smaller considerations. For instance, depending on if you are going to be indoors or outdoors and what location you choose, you need to keep in mind this will radically affect the style of your attire and that of your bridal party. There’s nothing worse than being in formal wear completely unsuited to the season or location. No one wants to be wearing a long sleeved, dress complete with three-inch heels on a rocky beach down on the southern Cornish coast! Nor do they want to freeze in sleeveless, mini-skirted numbers in the Scottish Highlands in the winter – so keep these considerations in mind and make some appropriate tweaks to your wedding plans.

Picking Wedding Date


Season may or may not be important to all brides. If you want all or part of the day to be spent outdoors, you probably want to choose a spring or summer date when the weather is more predictably comfortable, even if you live in an area where it is warm year round.

Many couples, on the other hand prefer the idea of a fall or winter wedding when the air is crisp and clear. The holiday season tends to mean higher competition for venue space, but the cardinal rule of weddings is that anything is possible! Special holiday nuptials can be a great way to bring everyone you love together for a dual celebration.

Season can also play a factor in the style of your wedding. You can use it inspire color schemes, centerpieces, bouquet flowers, and overall d├ęcor. There are plenty of great wedding ideas that make the most of every season.

Day of the Week

They day of the week can also be a major factor in wedding planning. Sometimes locking in your dream venue means you choose a Thursday evening ceremony, or a Sunday afternoon celebration. There is no one perfect day of the week to have a wedding.

If your wedding priority is your venue or your photographer, or anything other than the date, then choosing a weekday wedding is the perfect way to make sure you get everything you want on your big day.


What if you want to choose a day that is special to you as a couple? Some couples marry on the anniversary of the day they met, their first date, or a significant date in their family’s history.

Some cultures have traditional methods for choosing a date. Obviously, different religions favor different days for weddings. Similarly, some cultures also have certain dates or numbers that are good and bad luck. A little research or consulting important family members can help you choose the perfect day that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Family and Special Friends

If there is anyone who must be at your wedding, such as close family members and best friends, it might be best to consult with them first. However, limit the number of people whose schedules you take into consideration. Remember, it’s your wedding. If it’s important to them, they will find a way to be there. Once you’ve consulted the must-have guests, pick a date and keep it.

Secret Behind the Wedding Celebrations

In most countries, weddings have become very big festivals. Only a number of other countries regard such celebration in the same way of thinking. In India, marriage is seen as a very consecrated ceremony for Hinduism particularly if you are from Brahmin caste. Certainly, you are aware of caste’s differentiation in Hinduism.

These days, perhaps it is not as strict as it used to be anymore where one couple could only come from one caste. Also for the Brahmin caste, a number of the young generations begin to get their future partners from abroad. Well, if you are from there, you will still have to face the traditional ceremony which is totally complex but truly sophisticated.

You will be drawn in a number of ceremonies that may take several days. You will get a very rich and dazzling decoration that is exceedingly luxurious and remarkable. There will be plenty merry dancing up to the highly spiced foods everywhere.

The wedding ceremony itself might be exceptional for its matrimonial location that makes up the traditional festival like this wedding ceremony turns out to be bigger in the groom’s family. They take the bigger responsibility in this celebration and surely make the greater input. Well, it does not matter what culture that you are in, the wedding ceremony is always wonderful celebration when it entails the happiness of a big family and the wishes from family friends. This is the reason why so many 21st century generation youths are more than willing to a certain extent to have this type of marriage instead of the simple and speedy marriage that we are familiar with today.

Destination Wedding in Hawaii

Finding big sea shells are getting harder each year as we blunder through the concept of ‘sustainable harvesting’, not sure how to encourage sensible buying practices since the availability should be adequately regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) which does cover the Strombus gigas species or Queen conch shells. In 1992 this mega sea shell made the endangered list. Astonishingly, it wasn’t the over harvesting of the sea shell, it was the over harvesting of the meat, the shell was among the 92% “waste by-product”.

So aside from rare, exotic shells that are harvested just for collectors private use which then thins out these rare nautical gems often to the point of no return, the conch shell would be best made use as a blessing tone rather than the unimaginable wasteful practices of only using 8% of the harvested animal. Seek out shells from the conch meat industry, these shells would otherwise be destined to landfills or worse, underwater wastelands of conch carcasses which seems to repel other living conch shells from that area.

While on our sailing adventures in the south pacific, I came across this huge sea-snail while free diving in Tonga. It was such a magnificent creature, I would have loved to have taken it, eaten it and made a trophy of its shell… But I strongly felt that this rare delicacy should be reserved for the locals as they have done for countless generations. I had often pondered that perhaps I should have taken that big sea shell since that was the only one I had come across in the 20,000+ miles we sailed. Then a few weeks later this Tongan fellow paddles up to my boat, as he often did to talk story and get a cup of coffee… He tells me I had the best coffee of the boats anchoring in this ancient blown out volcano cauldron, so that’s why I was ‘lucky‘ to get to hear his sales speeches. He often had an impressive shell trophy he would never sell, that was his and it served him well, but one day he paddles up to my boat to try to sell me stuff after months of saying NO! But this time he had a very fresh new shell, a heavy-duty deeply chambered grand nautilus of a specimen. He was also the proud new owner of a freaking cow! He had traded enough chickens to buy and trade a few pigs to buy a cow and now he needs some strong rope on an island that does not have hardware store; the sailboats are the best chance for good rope. I traded some stout old sailing line for the shell, Although the shell was empited for a special fest the day before, I had to keep the stinky shell in the water for nearly a week before the insides were picked clean by the fish. After cleaning it up we then kept the shell safe from harms way all through our sail to Fiji, all the way down to New Zealand’s north island and dozens of anchorages along the way to the south island where we sold the boat and shipped this shell and our stuff to our new home on Maui. Our Conch Shell from Tonga remained one of the many reminders of our sailing adventures until one day we found ourself in need of the Holy Tone, which inspired Bobbie Jo to bore a hole in the shell to create a meaningful addition to our blessings here on Maui.

With reverence, respect and the deepest of connections with the spirits of Aloha and Pono, blowing the Pu shell in Hawaii is a very sacred moment. In ancient days, the Pu shell was also used as a communication device between canoes from other islands signaling for permission to land and come ashore and today we still blow the shell to say goodbye to the setting sun or to begin a special ceremony or bless a union.

Make your personal connection with the spirits that guide you in such an important and ceremonial tradition, allow the spirit to flow and your intent must be very clear to help produce that Sacred Tone. Yeah, sure, that sounds easy, but when first learning the proper lip placement and air strength typically produces many variations of farting sounds with an occasional nice tone. There seems to be a sort of visualization required to bring all these elements into place to produce a nice pure tone… The best way to create a pure tone is to simply make peace with your god and then follow the spirits that are sure to come and guide you. If that doesn’t work just try, try and try again.

Dress For An Afternoon Wedding

The Formality Quotient

The level of formality depends on the location or the venue of the wedding. If it is a beach wedding, you can wear casual outfits. For women, it includes colorful dresses in floral and abstract prints. Light and flimsy fabrics suit the beach atmosphere well. As accents for your outfit, you can wear a light scarf or a hat. Church weddings are formal events and hence demand an outfit that’s strictly formal. Wedding attires for a church event in the afternoon include a crisp-ironed skirt or pant suit and dresses. If it is backyard wedding, you can go semi-casual.

What Time Is It?

Afternoon could mean early afternoon, between 12 noon and 3pm or late afternoon between 4pm and 6pm. Later afternoon is trickier to work with as it borders between early afternoon and evening. You can wear a cocktail dress in light colors to an early afternoon wedding and dark, conservative suits to a late afternoon wedding.

The Season

Dressing, keeping the season in mind will ensure that you do not go wrong with your outfit. In cold weather, wear warm and heavy fabrics to look stunning yet equipped to bear the bone-biting cold. Summer and spring are quite pleasant as far as the climate is concerned. Dark colors such as black, navy blue and brown are a stark contrast of bright, sprightly colors of the season and hence, they should be avoided. Instead, opt for light, pastel shades. For a beach wedding, avoid dresses with billowy skirts. If it rains, ditch the high heels and go for footwear options that will make on sand and grass comfortable. Carry an umbrella just in case in rains. For an afternoon wedding in summer, wear a hat and shades to protect yourself from sunshine.

Take Cues from the Invitation

In many places it is taken for granted that a day-time affair is a casual one including weddings; evenings are reserved for formal events. This is not always the case. Hence, hosts will often specify how they want their guests to come dressed. If the bridal couple insists on a formal wedding, you cannot go wrong with a suit or cocktail dress.

Avoid Wedding Toast Pandemonium

Toasting can be the hi-light of the wedding. A toast well-made will be remembered long after the wedding day. And the speeches and toasts are often anticipated with delight by the guests who are hoping to be entertained-not mortified!

How do you avoid a contagious toasting disaster, or at least toasting run amok?

One of the best wedding planning tips is to have a Master of Ceremonies. It can be the leader of the band, if there is going to be one. However, it doesn’t really matter who it is, as long as they are equal to the task.

The Best Man could do double duty as the Master of Ceremonies. But if he is prone to getting a little tipsy at weddings, it would be best to choose someone else. (If, in fact, the Best Man is the Master of Ceremonies and has become a little drunk, one of the groomsmen should either take him outside for a little fresh air, or step in as back-up man.)

The beauty of having a Master of Ceremonies is that:

  • There is an understood order to the proceedings (the Master of Ceremonies advises the speakers of the expected order and determines who is toasting who and notifies them in time for them to prepare)
  • He graciously enforces the toasting time limit, perhaps with a signal to the band to play a few bars in the event of run-on speakers; or perhaps by linking arms and good-humoredly directing them off-stage
  • It prevents tipsy guests from getting up and making inappropriate remarks
  • It lends a touch of class to the proceedings
  • It puts the Bride and Groom, as well as the older generation, at ease