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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Prepare Your Summer Wedding

First, think about the food.

When you are preparing your summer wedding, you need to make sure that the foods offered to guests are fresh.

As the weather in summer is not cool, the foods go bad easily.

Therefore, you had better prepare the foods that are simple and easy to keep fresh, such as cucumber sandwiches, waffles, fresh fruits and some others. Besides, you can also use ice to keep the foods cool.

Second, choose your summer wedding dress carefully.

You had better avoid wearing heavy or complicated wedding dresses in summer because they will restrict your freedom of movement. A simple and light bridal gown is the best choice, so you can consider choosing chiffon or organza wedding dresses which are cool and comfortable. Besides, if you are planning a summer beach wedding, I suggest you choose a short wedding dress instead of a long one because the sand will make your long dress dirty. At last, do not forget to buy bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids.

Third, pay attention to your make-up.

As the weather in summer is hot, you need to keep your make-up neat and natural. It is not wise to use liquid foundations and eyeliners in summer because they will melt in hot temperatures. However, if you want your make-up simple and sheer, you just need to use light mineral foundations, waterproof mascara, eye shadow primer and lip gloss.

Fourth, wear appropriate and comfortable shoes.

If you are going to host an outdoor summer wedding, you had better not wear high heels. Kitten heel scandals or flats are appropriate and comfortable. However, if the wedding will be held on the beach, you can just choose barefoot scandals.

Tips and warnings

  1. Remember to apply sunscreen before makeup.
  2. Do not forget bug protection.
  3. Although summer is hot, you had better dress conservatively.
  4. Refreshing drinks and iced tea can make your guests feel cool and happy.
  5. Choose a backup location in case it rains.

If you still have some questions about wedding planning, you can read my other articles. It is hoped that we all can find the best way to plan the wedding.

Wedding Shoes

For The Ceremony

If you are going to spend a lot of money on your shoes, here is not the time. Think about it, your dress will for the most part always cover your shoes. Therefore, paying out the nose for designer shoes is not necessary since they will not be able to get the jaw drop reaction you are looking for. A sensible, yet still dressy shoe should be worn. You can get a stunning pair of shoes though! Just do not put your whole budget on them. Ensure that you are comfortable standing in one position your new shoes, as well as being able to walk. You will be nervous, so your legs will be wobbly. Therefore, stiletto heels may not be the best option for all brides. Take a few test runs with them to ensure they are a good fit before the big day.

The After Party

Now, if you bought those Prada heels, hopefully, you bought a cocktail dress to match it too. When brides change after the first dance, they will often put on a sharp, sexy outfit. Now is the best time to strut around in those expensive shoes you just bought. After dancing for a bit your feet will get tired, or it could get a little dangerous if you have been drinking. At that point in time, you should put on a pair of cheap flats and enjoy the rest of your night.

About Wedding Activities For Families

One prevalent prewedding movement is a forager chase. Before the wedding weekend, a rundown of important things ought to be drawn up, and visitors set in two groups. The rundown ought to incorporate things like “get a pamphlet from the adornments store where (groom) purchased (spouse’s) ring” or “take a photo of the gathering at the area where the couple got ready for marriage”. You will need to tailor the scrounger chase rundown to the area of the wedding and the vitality of the visitors who will be taking part.

You can even offer extravagant prizes for the group that wins the forager chase, for example, blessing endorsements or gourmet nourishment and wine wicker bin. It may appear a conspicuous decision to partition the groups into gatherings who know or are identified with the spouse and groups who know or are identified with the lucky man, however it may be somewhat more amusing to blend it up a bit. You can make groups of companions versus family, or men versus ladies (dependably a prevalent decision).

Another action that is well known amid wedding weekends is an aggressive game movement, for example, baseball or banner football. Once more, include an extraordinary turn. Offer prizes for execution (first grand slam gets a kiss from the spouse) or make senseless guidelines, similar to individuals from the wedding party need to wear tiaras while running bases or individuals from the groom’s family ought to dependably have their shirts on in reverse.

It’s imperative that amid the wedding weekend, organizers remember that the weekend itself may be costly for a few visitors, especially the individuals who needed to fly in for the event and a considerable lot of the exercises ought to be free, or modest. In the event that they are more lavish, and got ready for the whole gathering, they ought to be paid for by either the spouse and groom or their families.

Word Wedding Invitations

First, the people hosting the event need to be at the top of the invitation. Traditionally, this is the bride’s parents, so it will list Mr. and Mrs. John Doe first. The same goes if the groom’s parents are hosting. If the bride and groom are hosting, then it should read Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith.

If the bride and groom want the families involved, then the first line should read Together with their families, Jane Doe and John Smith. Any time there is a comma in an invitation, a line break should follow.

The next step is the request for guests to attend. If the ceremony takes place in a religious institution, like a church or a synagogue, then the next line should read: request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter. There should be a line break after presence.

If the groom’s parents are hosting, then it should read at the marriage of their son. If the bride and groom are hosting, the line should read: request the honour of your presence at their marriage. Couples can also choose different wording, such as the union of their two families. Most commonly, couples choose to say: invite you to join us at the celebration of our marriage.

If the ceremony takes place in a non-religious location, like an outdoor venue, then the request line should read: request the pleasure of your company. The rest should be filled in based on the hosts of the wedding.

Next, the couple’s names should be listed using first and middle names only. Traditionally, the bride is listed first. Then there is a line break and the word to is placed. After to, a line break occurs, and the groom’s name is listed. Some couples choose to use and instead of to.

The next line will have the date and time of the ceremony. These are usually spelled out as: Saturday, the first of June two thousand and fourteen at two o’clock in the afternoon. There should be line breaks after the month and the last number in the year.

The month and day should be capitalized. If the ceremony were to take place at 2:30, then the line would read: at half after two o’clock in the afternoon. To be less formal, follow this same format but do not spell everything out.

Next, the location needs to be listed. If the location is well known, do not include the address. Smaller locations need the address listed out. If there is a reception afterward, the next line needs to have the time for the reception. The information about the party, including the address, need to be included on the wedding invitation if there is room or on a separate reply card.

The reception information on the invitation can read: Reception to follow at the Place of Reception. If there is not going to be a full meal served, let guests know by writing: And afterwards for cocktails and cake at the Place of Reception. Couples can also write: Dessert and dancing to follow at the Place of Reception.

In the past, couples simply put RSVP on the invitation and guest knew to reply with their own stationery. Couples today get more responses with a reply card. It can be blank or have spaces for names of people who will or will not attend.

There are optional details that can be added to a wedding invite, including telling guest what to wear, such as Black Tie, Semi-Formal, Cocktail Attire, Festive Attire, White Tie, Black Tie Optional, Dressy Casual, and Informal. Those who do not want kids at their reception can write Adult reception.

Have a Fail Safe Wedding

  • Consider taking out wedding insurance
    Even though no one wants to think that something can go drastically wrong on their wedding day, it is not a bad idea to consider taking out some wedding insurance. When you think about it, after purchasing a home or having a baby, planning a wedding is probably the most expensive thing you and your groom-to-be will ever do together. Wedding insurance will be a great thing to have if your venue cancels on you at the last minute. When you consider the expense that might be involved if something major goes wrong, having a little bit of insurance can save the day.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
    This is very important because there are lots of reasons to free yourself from worrying about the things you can’t control. This includes things like the weather. You will want to plan your wedding for a day when it is unlikely to rain but if it rains, you need to be able to shrug it off and open your umbrella. As well, you can not control whether or not your various relatives will get along with each other at your reception. You will just have to hope that they will be on their best behavior and if they are not, don’t let it ruin your special day.
  • Read Every Contract Before You Sign It
    How many times have you signed on the dotted line without really reading what the document said? Oh, come on, we ALL do that. And most of us do it most of the time. The contracts you enter into with your wedding suppliers are meant to protect both of you. It is vitally important that you know and understand what you are agreeing to before you sign your name to a contract. This kind of thing is important when dealing with a wedding photographer who may give you access to his or her digital files but will prohibit you from, for example, posting them on Facebook or editing them in any way, shape or form. If you have not read your contract before you sign it, you might be in for a rude awakening.
  • Accept That People Everywhere Make Mistakes
    Though you might not like to admit it or even believe it, wedding suppliers are are people and all people everywhere make mistakes sometimes. This does not excuse them from out and out negligence but give them a little bit of slack if necessary.

Bride Speeches for Wedding

Bride wedding speeches shouldn’t be stressful. If you are properly prepared you will be able to give your speech smoothly and not look like you are searching for words.

I recommend that you put together some cute stories about your future husband and yourself and decide which ones you want to tell everyone. You may want to consult with your husband on this if there is anything that may be embarrassing or something that your husband may be uncomfortable with being told.

You should also think of some nice things that you want to share about your husband. Talking positively about your husband in bride wedding speeches is a must. I am sure that you can think of many great things to say about him.

Once you have gotten all of your information together you should think about your delivery. You do not want to feel intimidated or worried when you are giving your speech. You should feel confident and beautiful. Some things that you should check are your posture, your face and your sweat glands. Make sure that you are standing with your shoulders back, your face should be relaxed and you should not be sweating profusely.

The best thing for you to remember when giving bride wedding speeches is the fact that the people who are at your wedding are your friends and family. These people are often care about you and want to be at your wedding. You wanted these people there and invited them. You should understand that you do not have to be worried or nervous in front of them.

Being a Great Bridesmaid

Be part of a team

To best bridesmaids are able to work as part of a team. Try to be cooperative and get along with everyone to really impress the bride. It is worth checking with the bride every so often to see if there is anything that needs doing. While there is likely to be a few disagreements between bridesmaids, these can be kept to a minimum by being proactive and not being overbearing. For more detailed information click here.

Don’t be too fussy about the dress

It can be quite difficult to find a bridesmaid dress that gives the desired look on four or five different body shapes. For this reason, it can help to accept the dress even if it does not match your style or you find it an unflattering color. Also, the dress is only worn once so it can help to be more flexible and accept what you have been offered.

Decorations and party favors

In addition to organizing the bachelorette party and bridal shower, you may also be asked to help with putting together party favors and decorations. A great way to add a unique touch to the favors is to look at the personalized items. Try to use a company that provides custom labels. This is great for gift tags for party favors, wine bottles, and cupcake toppers. Also, the labels are certain to look their best if tailored to the wedding theme.

Plan the bachelorette party

When it comes to the bachelorette party makes sure to organize the occasion that perfectly matches the personality of the bride. Even though you want to create the fun event that will be remembered, you still need to put the bride first and forget about your own personal preferences.

Summer Wedding Cake

  • Shield it from the Sunlight
    A fondant wedding cake must not be exposed directly to the sunlight. Ensure the cake is sheltered under the tent (for outdoor ceremony). People don’t consider keeping the cake away from the sun as it can come through the windows. Ask the caterer to place it in a safe and shaded location.
  • Have Lighter Flavors
    Chocolate cakes have been the favorite choice, but light flavors are recommended for summer wedding cakes. Sponge cake with bunch of lemon in between the layers is a great option for a wedding cake. Another is lime cake with frosting of coconut. If you don’t like lime cake, you could have angel food cake. However, this type of wedding cake is fragile to multiple tiers so have three pieces of angel food cakes and have each one in different shades of your wedding colors.
  • Consider the Season
    If you’re having a June wedding with roses and pearls, then have your cake decorated with them to complement with the wedding theme. For beach wedding, choose seaside elements such as shells, waves or chairs. Another beautiful decoration for the season is seasonal fruits such as blueberries. A wedding cake with summer decorations makes it more attractive and colorful.
  • Think about the Pies
    Pies have been gaining popularity in summer weddings. For country-inspired weddings, fresh fruit pies become a famous choice. It also enables you to showcase the different fruit summer flavors such as blueberries, peaches and strawberries. Also fruit pies are more practical as they can withstand the heat better than the traditional wedding cakes.

Taste Wedding Food

Koottanj Joru: This is rice and vegetable based mixed food enjoyed after a ceremony, and traditionally it is to ensure that there is no waste of the food.

Mudhari koththu: This is a flour based food enjoy traditionally among the people.

Ragi (kaeppai) dosai: it is good for health, a dosa like food made of rice. It is best served with chutneys.

Thattai: This food is made of rice, red chili and thuvram paruppu which are unique delicacies.

Ney Vilangkai: This delicacy is full of pottu kadalai, ghee and white sugar and is a must for the wedding menu to charm your taste.

Payasam: You can have the beautiful experience with the slippery ecstasy while you drink it with the smell of the newly cut banana leaves. It’s a healthy hygienic food after all.

Vennai Kachchaayam: Made of cheese, this is good for pregnant women, in order to improve their health.

Eri Seri: It is a Kanyakumari recipe, made of Thengai, Senai Kizangu, like a pachadi and is very special in Kalyanam, Marriage functions.

Kanam: it is a grain based food and very rare to see other people to use it.

Aval: Aval is an idiththa arisi. It is very healthy. Brown aval is very good for health, while white aval is light on diet. Add coconut seeval (thuruval), and chini, a good time pass is ready for the evening.

When you plan for the food, you have to ensure that the staff is well-behaved and professional and they do not compromise with quality. Price is up-to-date market rate. Good service is a need and above all always tries to get hygienic food. Marriage is a onetime affair and you cannot experiment with the tastes of your guests. So be sure to get the taste of the best Pillai dishes and live up to the hopes of a complete wedding.

Photo Booth

You should consider having a photo booth at your wedding!

  1. 1Start the entertainment! The first hour or so of a reception everyone is still in their shells and unsure of what to do, but a photo booth gets the fun flowing right away.
  2. It includes everyone. If you’re a bit of a wallflower, (like myself), receptions can make you feel left out, but everyone from young to old can have fun in a photo booth!
  3. Gives your guests a gift. Each guest will get a special gift to remember how much fun they had at your wedding.
  4. More reminders of your day. A good company will have the ability to give you digital copies of each picture. Then you can later make a really fun photo album using all the pictures.
  5. Everyone’s doing it! Just like your guests expect you to provide a D.J. for them to have fun and dance as the popularity of photo booths grow your guests will also expect and greatly appreciate you having a booth!

Things to consider when choosing a photo booth company:

  1. Are they fully insured? Make sure to ask!
  2. Can you customize your booth? A good company will have the ability to customize your booth with different templates and backgrounds.
  3. What is their picture quality like? Some booths simply use webcams for their photos, which means if you try to use them later in an album you might run into quality issues.
  4. Are there any hidden fees? Some companies advertise a low price, but then will add on set up and tear down fees, limit picture prints, or even add on charges for them to bring the props.