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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Simple Inexpensive Dresses


Although the dresses are cheap and simple, you should note that they are not dull and boring. For example, it’s common to find dresses with elegant designs and styles.

Due to the elegant designs and styles, you can wear the dresses in many other occasions other than the wedding. For example, you can wear them during cocktail parties and diner dates.

Draw attention to the wearer

Fancy wedding dresses have been shown to draw attention from the wearer. For example, if you have a dress with a long tail, people in the wedding will concentrate on your dress and not on you.

You should remember that the wedding day is your big day and people should be talking about you and not about your dress. A simple dress helps you to attain this; when you wear a simple dress, you ensure that people focus on you and not on your dress.


Since the dresses are simple, they give you a lot of comfort when wearing them. This is because there are no fancy additions that make you uncomfortable. Unlike when you wear a fancy dress that makes you uncomfortable, wearing a comfortable dress makes you feel at ease and you enjoy your big day.

Need Chair Covers

Chair covers for weddings can help to make your wedding guests feel more comfortable. Some wedding ceremonies can last a long time, and if your guests are made to feel uncomfortable by the chairs which they are sitting on, then their constant fidgeting can cause real disruption at important moments. These coverings are made out of soft material which is comfortable to sit on, and should not irritate the skin. They make it much easier for guests to sit on venue seating.

Chair covers for weddings also allow you to tailor the colors of your wedding venue to the color scheme of your wedding. Chairs at venues are usually a standard neutral color, so that they are inoffensive and do not clash with anything, however they can look dull and bland in the back of wedding photos. In order to make your wedding photos look spectacular, you should consider hiring chair covers to make sure that all of the chairs look the same, and that they are the color that you want them to be!

Chair covers for weddings also help to protect the chairs themselves from damages. Even if your wedding guests are unlikely to cause malicious damage to the property at the venue, accidents can happen, especially when a large number of people are in a small space. If a drink, such as red wine, is accidentally spilt on the upholstery on a chair, it can be difficult to clean it off, and the venue may not be able to use that chair anymore, due to the damage. These covers help to make it easier to clean the chairs after the wedding is over. These covers can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine, whereas it would not be possible to do that with the fabric on most upholstered chairs. If the stain still won’t come out, it is much less expensive to replace a single cover than it is to replace a whole chair.

About Cheap Wedding Invitations

This is a very cheap method for sending out wedding cards, but it’s equally effective and it’s good for the environment because it does not waste any paper. Some options for creating a wedding invites website include:

Buy a domain name and design the website or have a relative or friend that has a good IT-knowledge do this. Make sure people need to log in before they can actually see the webpage because otherwise the whole World Wide Web knows the wedding date and venue.
Couples can also start a closed group on Facebook and invite people they want to come to the wedding to join. Only members of this group can view their pages. Nice about a Facebook page is that it allows people to post comments, photographs and videos.

If the couple doesn’t mind strangers knowing about their wedding, they can also opt for creating a free wedding page via sites like Blogger.

Those who are looking for beautiful and affordable wedding invites, can print them themselves instead of having a company do this for them. This will save couples a lot of money. Buy nice cheap paper for the invitations and then design the invitation using beautiful fonts and images. Couples can also choose to include a black and white picture of themselves. No one will know that these invites were inexpensive wedding invitations!

Print the invitations at home and put them in blank envelopes. Want to save on ink or address labels? Write the addresses instead of printing them! Just make sure that the handwriting is readable and visually attractive.

Whether couples make and print their own wedding cards or they have a company print them, they can still save money. Below are some tips for affordable wedding card invitations.

Don’t include an RSVP card with an envelope, but include a telephone number and/or email address instead. In this day and age, where almost everyone has access to the internet and mobile phones, it’s perfectly acceptable to drop this card.

Another money saver is: keep it simple. Wedding cards that are multi-layered, contain colour pictures or are printed on very thick paper can cost a lot of money. Not only is it more expensive to print these, but they will need more stamps than standardized versions. After all, the more the wedding invites weigh, the more they will cost.

There is really no need for a save-the-date card. Consider skipping the card, especially when a lot of your invitees live in your hometown and when the wedding does not take place during a peak holiday time like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s wedding bands are usually made out of a simple material, without any kinds of additional gems, jewels or materials inserted into it. Gold, platinum or titanium are obvious choices, both because of their exquisiteness and their great-looking designs. Aside from that, these kinds of materials last for a long time and are not prone to environmental damage and are seldom subjected to wear and tear. But the main thing about them is that they can be simple and still look stylish.

While simple is the word on most men’s thoughts when it comes to bands, recent years have brought an increase in designer bands for men. These can include diamonds, gems or other precious metals can be included to give a certain design to the wedding band. For example, men who are really passionate about card games can have some sort of cards imprinted on them, while football enthusiasts can have helmets imprinted. Again, all of this is left to the groom who can choose his style of men’s bands that best suits his wishes.

As far as the simple design goes, there’s no clear-cut formula for one-size-fits-all wedding bands. Measurements have to be taken on the spot, but there are a few things you can take into account when choosing the right wedding band. For example, the width and thickness of the band: for a comfortable ring, go for a 4 millimeter wide and 2 millimeter thick wedding band. These are popular choices around the world, mostly because of their good design, great feel and awesome look. These dimensions can also be taken into consideration when choosing men’s designer wedding bands. As with wedding decorations, the venue for the reception, wedding video services and choice of food, wedding bands are choices that belong solely to the bride and groom, together as a couple.

Finding Right Bridal Makeup Artist

You should be first clear in your mind about the kind of look you want for your big day. Then you need to discuss it with the makeup artist to incorporate new ideas. The look for your wedding should be something that is totally different from normal and at the same time represents your personality.

The artist you choose should have taken some degree in the field before becoming a professional. He will understand your skin type and will know what will work best for you. He will have a good understanding of the ways to hide your eye, nose and cheek bone flaws.

Always keep in mind that the artist who asks for a very high or very low price is not always the best. Never select an artist on the basis of the price he asks for. Your wedding photographs will be with you forever and it is very important that you look your best. You might consider spending a little extra money to get the right makeup artist who can offer you the desired look.

It is always advisable to go for a licensed artist to feel confident and comfortable. A license means that he has undergone proper training to do his work correctly. Also check their portfolio to be sure of the kind of work they have done earlier. Have a look at the photos of the brides they have done makeup of. This way you can be sure that you are getting the right type of services.

Affordable Wedding Favors

Card. If the couple has a computer and printer at home, they can do their own personalized and inexpensive wedding favors. They can make their own design and make as much as they can print. To make it look different from their wedding invitation, they can put a ribbon or make it look like a diploma for the guests to feel graduated in knowing them as single to married couples or graduated in attending their wedding day. They can put their pictures inside and write their heartfelt messages and gratitude to guests in becoming a part of their special day.

Pens. Couples can have a designed pen for them or they can personalize it by taping and rolling a paper around the pen. They can write their names on the rolled paper on the pen and the date of their wedding day. The couples just need to find a cheap type of pen but with good quality to make it still look special and unique.

Box. Cute little boxes with ribbons can be considered as affordable wedding favors that couples can give to their guests. The couples can also put a little something inside to make it more creative and interesting. A designed box can be a nice wedding favor to give the guests.

Party favors for the wedding need not to be expensive. As long as it will tell about the couple’s love story or it can be connected to their personalities, it will be a good token for guests to remember their wedding day. Also, it is what the couples can keep to their cabinets or miniature stand along with their other wedding items like their wedding pictures and invitation. It will help the couples to focus on other wedding expenses if they can come up with affordable wedding favors and focus their budgets more on other things. But couples should also keep in mind that wedding favors are not only souvenirs for guests but it is also a remembrance for the couples on how they fall in love and end up marrying each other.

Buy a Wedding Card

The perfect colors

The colors utilized in the cardboard should suit your wedding theme. A wedding invitation with an ideal colorful combination could be an appealing one. The colors utilized in the cardboard should go hand in hand with the patterns utilized. Colorful or bronze fonts and liners brighten the design of a card. However, the colorful fonts should maintain the readability and everything should be crystal clear to the recipients. Light ink on light backgrounds or dark ink on dark backgrounds should be avoided.

Decoration and ornamentation

A well embellished and personalized card offers a surprising look. It must have some floral or beaded components. A varied style of gemstones, jewels, beads, etc. enhances a wedding card. Also, the laces and ribbons add the additional appeal. Such reasonable decoration adds lushness to your card.

Sweet, short and straightforward content

The wordings utilized in your wedding card should be straightforward and easy to recognize. Traditionally, when wording any invitation the host is listed first on the invitation. It ought to spell everything out, each detail of the ceremony. Besides, maintaining the class, the card should not be crowded. It ought to enumerate solely the key points like time, location, etc.

The complete suite

Complete your invitation with programs, menu cards and thank-you notes. A wonderful welcome bag or favor tag notes adds glory to your wedding card.

Photography Styles

  1. TRADITIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This style is very formal. The bride, groom, and wedding party/guest are highly ‘posed’. For this type of look, the bride and groom must be prepared for a lot of intervention on the photographer’s part. Most likely the bride and groom will not be models; therefore they won’t know how to pose like that naturally. Remember that photographers are on a time limit. They have to get their shots in the time you allotted so you can continue on with your wedding day. In some cases, the photographer could be confused with a film director – constantly giving directions to organize and pose individuals or entire groups to obtain the desired traditional look. The younger generation sometimes considers the finished photography out of date or style. The more mature generation will be very pleased with the finished product. Modern brides may also feel that this style is very stuffy and stiff. As a result, they don’t clearly depict the air of happiness and fun that is part of many weddings nowadays.
  2. CONTEMPORARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This style is much less formal. It is meant to be informal and relaxed leaving room for spontaneity. The photographer will capture the spirit of fun and a some formal moments. There will minimal posing so less intervention on the photographer’s part. This style will be completely unique to “you”. There will never be two weddings just the same. Because of the individually this style continues to gain in popularity. The photographer will search for great backdrops (inside and outside) with the goal of producing very stylize photos that would resemble something like you would see in a magazine.
  3. DOCUMENTARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This style is very ‘hands-off’. The photographer assumes the ‘fly on the wall’ position capturing events as they actually unfold, detail by detail. The photographer’s goal is to be unnoticed and hide in the background so that you unaware that you are being photographed. There would be very little posing or organizing to achieve most of the desired wedding photos. Because of this, this style is gaining in popularity. The newlyweds are free to enjoy their day and not be bothered by photos. The result? Candid, unusual shots that you wouldn’t expect to see in the traditional or contemporary styles. There is a huge ‘WOW’ factor associated because you haven’t figured out what each photo is going to look like because of the posing. EX: a sweet kiss between bride and groom could be photographed and they not even know. The only down side is that you really don’t know what you are going to get. But if you like surprises, this could be a plus!
  4. ARTISTIC/PHOTOJOURNALISTIC WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This style allows the photographer to be the ‘artist’. Each set of wedding photos will be unique and trendy or cutting edge. Intervention by the photographer can vary based on the desired end result. Within this style a photographer looks to capture the things that a bride or groom may miss or never see because they are the center of attention. This is designed to tell a story – the story of your wedding day. It encompasses the essence and feeling of each smile or tear. EX: Dad sees his little girl all dressed up before she walks down the isle to marry her future hubby. Dad may lift her veil and kiss her on the forehead and whisper a few short words in her ear. This moment could be captured and preserved as a cherished memory. EX: All of the bridesmaids and the bride are gathered in the room dressing. Each is putting on the finishing touches and admiring how beautiful the bride is. Tasteful photos would be gathered as they dress, fix their hair, and apply makeup. Again, these are moments that most will never see but they are part of the preserved memories. Each set of photos will be individualized, very stylish, and unique to each bride. Some brides may consider this ‘risky’. The way to overcome this is to check out the portfolio for each photographer.

Rent a Luxury Limo

Research the Company

Before signing a rental agreement for a wedding limo rental, always perform extensive research on the company itself. Many rental firms may advertise that they provide all the bells and whistles and only the newest vehicles when in fact they don’t. It is essential to choose a company that has numerous positive online or even word of mouth reviews, as this will help ensure that your special day is not marred by a limo that arrives after the ceremony has taken place or worse still, that doesn’t arrive at all.

Always Sign a Contract

Signing a contract with a limo rental company will ensure that your limo reservation is not ‘lost in the system’ on your important day – many gypsy limo firms will be willing to ditch your booking in favor of one that pays them more at a moment’s notice. Your contract should also clearly state what is included in the cost of the rental; items such as on-board champagne, snacks and even gas will usually be billed for additionally though. It is imperative to ensure that items such as liability insurance and/or commercial livery insurance are carried by the company as well.

Don’t Book on Price Alone

Many couples make the mistake of shopping around to find the cheapest price for their wedding limo rental. However, this can be detrimental in that you will usually end up getting what you pay for in cases like this. A company that offers rates which are substantially lower than others in the industry will often mean that they are making use of vehicles that may be a lot older and therefore unreliable or even downright unsafe. These companies may also not have any form of insurance to cover you in the event of a collision occurring.

Bridal Shower Games on a Budget

How It Works

In general, the female friends of the bride, including those that are part of the entourage, are the ones that are in charge of this event before the wedding. In this occasion, only girls are allowed, and the bride can expect to receive gifts.

The theme of the bridal shower depends on the bride’s interest. This is because every guest needs to bring a gift for the bride. It may be a lingerie shower, kitchen shower, tea party, and many more. The highlight of the event is the bridal games. The games may also vary depending on the theme, but there are fun bridal shower games that can work for whatever type of theme chosen.

Fun Bridal Shower Games

There are a lot of fun bridal shower games that can be played in occasions such as these. One is the bingo game. The idea is very similar to the literal bingo game, except that it does not include numbers written on the board, but items for the gifts. The guests will be asked to fill the blanks on the gifts that they think will be received by the bride. When the gifts are opened, the brides will mark off the correct items, when somebody gets five items in a row, she will receive a prize.

Another game is the clothespin game. Upon arrival, the guest will receive a clothespin, which should be attached on the clothes. Then, the host should choose keyword or a rule that should be done during the entire event. The rules may include ‘no crossing of legs’, ‘no one should use a specific word’. If a guest is caught breaking the rule, the one, which catches her will get the pin and attach to her clothes. The guest with the most clothespins generally wins the prize.