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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Wedding Dresses Are Flattering

The reason why A line wedding dresses are able to flatter so many different body types is because they can be designed in very different ways, so that they are able to accentuate certain body part whilst hiding others. For example, if the flare of the dress starts at the waist, it can help your stomach to look smaller. If the flare starts around the upper hip, it can flatter the thighs and hips. This means that you can choose an A line design which suits your specific body shape. The detailing which is on the cinched section can also help to draw the eye to certain aspects of your figure which you want to highlight.

A line outfits are not figure hugging all the way down, therefore many people feel more comfortable wearing them than some other types of dress. For example, mermaid style outfits tend to hug the figure from the top down to below the knees, and some people may not feel confident enough about their body to wear one. Choosing a dress which allows you to feel beautiful and confident is one of the most important things you can do on your wedding day, since you will be standing up in front of a large number of people. If you feel confident, it will show in all of your pictures. Likewise, if you feel uncomfortable, this may be obvious too.

A line wedding dresses are also very easy to move about it and to sit down in. This means that you will be able to glide smoothly down the aisle, sit comfortably as you enjoy your meal, and then dance effortlessly with your new partner for your first dance. The sense of ease and comfort that you radiate is a very flattering look, and will help to make you look even better!

Perfect Island Wedding

Key West is a destination that offers a casual elegance and laid back atmosphere. With many sites, such as a Fort from the Civil War era, unpopulated and exotic islands and several historic sites, you can bring your perfect island wedding to fruition.

If you are a blushing bride with an upcoming destination wedding, there are several steps you can take to ensure you will have the perfect island wedding. One of the most helpful tips that will help you out immensely with this important process is to hire a professional wedding planner to guide you through the planning process, and assist you with your service contracts. Hiring a wedding planner will take a lot of the time-consuming tasks off of your plate, and enable you to enjoy this exciting time in your life much easier. Since no one has the ability to be in two places at one time, this is a very wise way to go.

Online resources are available if you are planning your Key West wedding on your own. With an endless source of restaurant, venue and professional service reviews online, you are sure to plan a wedding of your dreams. The local Chamber of Commerce is a great resource to get you started. Go to for more information, or visit the official Keys website at for additional tips and information. These are outstanding resources for wedding ideas and packages available. From your vows to your reception, there is a multitude of accommodations, including but not limited to, remote and secluded ceremonies to weddings on ships or underwater. For your wedding celebration, there is a variety of restaurants and locations with romantic and scenic landscapes to choose from.

Island weddings are some of the most romantic and memorable weddings of all time. Plan your destination wedding in the Florida Keys and create your lasting memories the island way.

Anniversary Cakes

You can always use the traditional colors for silver and golden anniversaries.

But you can also be creative and try to design something special for each couple.

They might want to recreate their wedding cake. If they have a photo you can try to follow the design of the original cake. Their children might want to bring you wedding photos and have you do this as a surprise for their parents.

Or young parents may want to order wedding toppers of a tired, but happy, looking mom and dad surrounded by children to show how their family has grown over the years.

Older couples may want to include toppers of small children to represent all their grandchildren.

Or they may want the cake to represent their adventures. Are they kayakers? Then have a cake with a river and them floating down stream together. Do they love camping? Traveling Europe? Golfing? Playing bridge? Almost any hobby can make a creative cake idea.

Make a cake shaped like an RV if that’s how they travel.

Do they like to garden? Then decorate with carrots and tomatoes growing out of a “garden patch”.

If they’re pet lovers, work that into your design.

Can they be found each evening playing Scrabble? Make a board design on your cake and spell out their names.

You can also use a variety of cake shapes and tiers to design unique creations. Circles, squares, hearts can all be combined to make new configurations.

Be sure to use solid cake stands so your cakes will transport safely. By using stands and boards that don’t need to be returned you keep your customers from having to pay a deposit. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting your equipment back.

Offer a lot of options for flavors, as well. By mixing and matching their favorite flavors of cake, icing, and fillings you can create something special for their occasion.

Adding textures of leaves, hearts, pearl shaped chains, or hand formed fondant roses all work to provide beautiful designs. Use different borders to offer a completely different look.

Don’t forget the growing popularity of cupcakes. This gives your customers the chance to offer a selection of flavors for their guests.

Another option is cake pops. These are easy to serve and easy to eat. Adults love them as well as children.

Wedding Lehengas

The most important part of these outfits is handmade embroidery. The designers provide decorative designs that are made from the items like beads, sequins and stones. The artists use these items in order to create fascinating motifs along the borders as well as on the other parts of the fabric. The embroidery designs are very effective in enhancing the charm of the collections. These motifs are very important parts of the collections as these improve the elegance of the collections.

Another very appealing feature of the wedding lehengas collections is their color patterns. The colors are a very important part of any fabric. The designers are using varied color patterns in order to make their collections more appealing and interesting. The colors reflect the festivity. So the designers are offering amazing color patterns in order to meet the exact demands of the buyers.

The offered range of wedding lehengas is available in plethora of designs like red, orange, yellow, pink and purple. These are considered as the conventional colors as these perfectly match the theme of the wedding. With the drastic change in the fashion trends, the women are now giving preference to the unconventional colors. The designers are offering their collections in a wide array of colors that includes black, blue, green, beige, peach, etc.

Apart from this, the designers are using innovative designing techniques to give their wedding lehengas collection a whole new look. They are now resorting to use innovative cut patch designing in order to provide a modern touch to the collections. The innovative designs are provided along the neckline as well on various other portions of the fabric to make the collections more appealing and charming.

About Wedding Lighting


As with any event, consider the theme you are projecting. Are you going for rustic? Perhaps art deco? Or maybe boho? For example, if you’re a non-conformist, then think about pairing an eccentric mélange of paper lanterns in myriad shapes: round, tubular, or conical. Want to really think out of the box? Then go for lanterns in even quirkier shapes (hot air balloons or animals) or those that have unique prints (floral or geometric)! In addition, stencils can be placed over fixtures creating a similar feel. If, for instance, your rustic-themed vows take place outside, then consider ground lighting. You can’t go wrong with the southwestern luminaria (candle placed in a paper bag using sand) creation. And for your beach union, tiki torches give off an island vibe while helping to guide attendees toward the central wedding venue.

Complementing the Interior

Considering the location is a must. Is your wedding venue an old barn, an industrial space, or a vaulted museum? If the interior is covered in dark wood paneling, think about creating a warmer luster with tinted glass globes that have lower watt bulbs. Barns, alternately, beg for draping strings of white lights to offer that down-home feel, whereas industrial spaces (think old warehouses) comprised of aged brick, mortar, and wooden lintels call for sculptural fixtures, minimalist chandeliers, and pendant lamps of burnished metal.

Matching the Overall Design

When choosing the right ambiance, it’s important to take stock of the wedding color palette and floral arrangements; all these elements should be complementary. Using too much of one color can be overwhelming, not to mention produce a garish environment. Avoid bright colors unless the rest of the wedding venue elements are understated and vice versa. And keep in mind that the DJ might also have a lighting system for the dance floor.

Info of Wedding Entertainment Options

  • Amuse your visitors during the photo shooting period or drinks reception period. The magicians are the best entertainers when these two periods are a bit longer. Their work is to amuse and interact with guests that are not engaged in the photo session. If a wedding is intended to take place in summer on the beach or any other outdoor space, a magician can be invited to add glamour and fun to the event.
  • Perform table magic when guests are eating their breakfast. Their role is to move from one table to another doing brief shows. They may do one or two special tricks when they reach the top table. When you allow the magician to operate during the photo shooting session, drink reception and at the table during breakfast, they will amplify your event in a big way.
  • Entertain bridal attendees during the evening reception. A close up magician is the most appropriate choice when you plan to hold an evening ceremony. As long as you do not plan to play loud music the magician will be very amusing. Loud music can interfere with the guests’ hearing as they are supposed to hear the voice of the magician when they are performing.

The best person to hire should be able to engage people of all ages. They should do one or more tricks to make kids happy. Many weddings do not have many kids present and so the few who attend should be made happy. With regard to booking a wedding magician service, couples should stay focused. Some magicians are not too busy to be met prior to the big day. Others are available when most couples are not available due to work.


Get Designer for Wedding Outfit

If you are going to have a wedding soon and you want to wear a designer wedding dress then you should be extra conscious about this thing. Wearing a designer dress at your wedding whether you are a bride or a groom is one tough nut to crack. The first thing that comes to your mind is to choose a designer that will be able to make the dress of your dreams that you have been imagining over and over again since the start of the celebrations.

Choosing a designer is very important as it is the designer who is responsible to make you look just perfect on your wedding day. You should carefully choose a designer that has some experience up his sleeves. If your wedding is going to be a themed wedding then you must look for a designer that has designed dresses for themed weddings in the past. You should look at their work and make your final decision and make sure that they are aware of the Tamil marriage styles.

Some designers specialize in designing some kind of dresses so you must confirm that the designer you are selecting is the right man to do the job. If you get wrong in this decision then this wedding will be nightmare for you and for everyone who are attending it. You do not afford to let that happen at this crucial stage.

Some designer has made their work available online and it is very easy to look at the dresses online. Once you make the decision of going with a particular designer, you can negotiate the prices and then place the order for the dress. Money plays an important part too. So you should look a little elsewhere to make sure that the designer is not charging you too much. Many designers these days are delivering the dresses via courier facilities. Make sure that the designer you choose has some years of experience in designing wedding dresses before you give them the responsibility of designing your perfect dress for perfect Tamil wedding.

About Pre Marriage Functions

  • Engagement ceremony: it is the very first step of married life. Rings are exchanged after the final confirmation of both the sides for marriage. This function is very important and special, as engagement is called as half marriage. It marks the starting of a new relation and commitment between the two persons. This function can be organized at bride’s home or in any banquet hall, followed by the lunch or dinner for guests. It is celebrated differently in different parts of India. In Tamil matrimonial, this function is accomplished by exchanging a dish, resembling the good relation between families.
  • Mehendi ceremony: it is also a very nice ceremony, where the bride gets applied with henna in her hands and feet. It is a traditional ceremony and is very joyful process. It is organized at bride’s house, where her relatives and friends join, and witness the process of Mehendi. In some families, Mehendi is applied by sister in-laws first. It is believed that, if the color of henna after getting dried is dark, and then the bride will be very happy in her husband’s home. Many designs like flower, peacock, etc. are made through henna and sometimes the name of groom is also drawn on the design.
  • Sangeet ceremony: Indian culture has a space for everything. Not only the cultural, but also entertaining ceremonies are there to have some fun time. Sangeet ceremony is celebrated at bride’s house, where the ladies bring in dholak and other instruments to sing folk songs related to wedding. These days, the Sangeet function is conducted jointly by both bride and groom’s family and they organize a grand party. The music and dance is done by the families and it is a day with full of fun for both ends. It is normally organized with Mehendi ceremony only, but can be organized separately also.
  • Tilak ceremony: it is a very special ceremony for many families. This function is organized at groom’s house and mostly men of both the families participate in it. The family of bride comes to groom’s house to attend the pooja and other ceremonies. After that, bride’s father and other elders gift things like cloths, sweets, etc. to groom and his family members. The groom’s father also gift them sweets, jewelry, cloths and other gifts for family and bride. The function is followed by lunch or dinner.

Contemporary Weddings

Lanterns, Candle bars and much more

Contemporary weddings are all about the right light and sound. Lighting pays a significant role in the entire décor. The lighting arrangements have moved notches higher than what was once just a way to decorate a venue. Lights create mood and are now considered to be an important source of warmth to a wedding décor.

Contemporary style weddings are using statement flowers and diyas (a small cup-shaped oil lamp made of baked clay) decorations which when placed at strategic spots make quite an impact. Adding to this, crystal candelabras on dinner tables and those metal lanterns make the decorations more appealing.

There’s nothing like lights wrapped around the trees and diyas with marigolds on the wooden screens.

Decorative Props

Be it small decorative props at the tables, or centerpieces, there is nothing like lanterns and flower petals flowing out. There’s an eclectic mix of lanterns and creepers that make the serving tables look even prettier. Centerpieces with flowers on tree branches melt the heart. And the most recent trend is that of tiny bird cages decorated with flowers and brass lanterns around.

Don’t Miss the Antiques

Antique chairs are increasingly becoming the center pieces of contemporary wedding décor. Throw some bright ethnic cushions with lovely drapes and add ghungroos or bells to give the decor an ethnic look.

And then you have those traditional fabrics to keep the décor fresh and interesting. Apart from that, a lot of earthy props can be used to make the décor look more ethnic. Most wedding planners and designers keep experimenting to come up with unique decoration ideas for their clients.

Ideal Wedding Bouquet

The best start in deciding on your wedding bouquet is to go through bridal magazines. You have probably already got a number of magazines you have been going through for inspiration, but these can also hep inspire you when it comes to your bridal flowers. Look at what brides are using in their bouquets with different gowns and in different seasons. This will help you identify what you don’t like, what you do like and what you really want to have.

The good news is that this is your special day, so there is no right or wrong decision. If you love roses, then there is nothing stopping you adding roses to your wedding bouquet. If you love carnations, lilies or even daisies, then why not add them to make your bouquet unique and match your personality and style?

Set yourself a budget before you start your search. When it comes to your wedding day, you have probably allocated budget to each aspect from your gown to the caterers and the reception to your bridal flowers and wedding bouquet. Having a budget can help you identify the best flowers, find the right florist and ensure that you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

If you are working to a very tight budget, then use expensive flowers sparingly and bulk your bouquet up with cheaper options, mixing and matching them to get the desired look you want to achieve.

Always focus on the theme and get the colours you want that will provide you with the colour scheme you are looking to achieve. Bright bouquets are perfect for a summer wedding, making the statement you want to make and still add a bit of fun and colour to your theme.

Remember that fresh flowers are available based on season. It’s advisable to speak to your florist and see what flowers will be in season during your wedding month, this way you have an idea on what flowers you can have in your wedding bouquet without worrying on whether they will be available or not.

Always choose a reputable florist, a company with years of knowledge and experience in the flower industry who can provide you with advice, make recommendations and help you make the right decision when it comes to the flowers you should be using in your wedding bouquet. They will be able to identify with your theme and season and then make recommendations on what they think should be included in your bouquet, you can then decide what you do and don’t want to include.

When it comes to choosing a florist, you will find these days you don’t have to rely on high street florists, you can buy your wedding bouquet online from a reputable online florist, this often works out cheaper and helps you stay within your budget. Remember online florists don’t have the expensive overheads and therefore are able to share this saving with their customers.