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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Achieve a Dazzling Wedding Smile

When you think ahead and consider the many hundreds of wedding photographs that will be taken on the day – not just by your professional photographer, but by everyone who has a smart phone or a camera – there will be a lot of evidence of your big day! There is no doubt that teeth whitening gives people confidence to be able to smile more, and many brides and groom today are adding it to their list of pre-wedding treatments as standard.

Bespoke wedding gowns are, naturally, often white – so seeing a less than white smile on the smiling bride can often highlight the problem. In some cases, if a bride doesn’t feel confident enough she may not even smile as much as she should on the day – and this will reflect in the quality of the images.

By booking ahead to ensure your dentist is available at the right time, the whitening process can become part of your wedding planning. You will probably have arranged to meet with your dentist to have a check-up or have your hygienist thoroughly clean your teeth before the big day, so why not simply add in the whitening treatment?

You can, of course, purchase whitening kits from your local chemist, but an expert who understands the latest in modern technology can provide you with a longer lasting and safer procedure. These days the process is extremely affordable and when you’re planning your wedding budget, it usually won’t be out of your reach. Your teeth can be whitened in one visit to a professional, but other experts will suggest a number of visits depending on the results you want to achieve.

Using Paper Flowers in Theme

A lot of bridal bouquets have a mixture of different flowers and different colors. So you can use one or two of the egg carton flowers and surround it with some tissue paper flowers.

Add a couple of origami flowers to the mix and you can create a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet.

Then whatever colors you’ve used in your bouquet, make each of the bridesmaids slightly different. The bouquets for the bridesmaids can match their dresses. Mix up the flowers that are in their bouquets and change up the arrangement, and each bridesmaid will have a different but coordinated bouquet of her own.

A great way to figure out how to make different paper flowers is to take a walk through the silk flowers at a local department or craft store. You can see how the layers of silk are arranged in the different flowers, then go home and copy the design using your paper.

And you can use just about any type of paper too. I helped my cousin make coffee filter flowers, both roses and carnations, for her bridal shower centerpieces.

If you’re really good with origami, you can make some origami flowers for the bouquets for you and your bridesmaids.

When you use paper flowers – whether you decide to use tissue paper, computer paper, construction paper, coffee filters, or a combination of several of them – it’s a fun way to add some of your personality, style and creativity to your wedding ceremony and the reception.

If you want to use just computer paper and egg cartons, you can go crazy with colors by picking up a variety of craft paints. Craft paints are usually pretty cheap and one bottle goes a long way.

Coffee filters usually just come in white, but there are some that are brown. It’s best to just use the white ones though, and paint them the colors you want. You can also use different color beads for the inside of the flowers and the long pipe cleaner can be used for the stems.

You can get the plastic holders to arrange the bouquet into or you can wrap ribbon around the stems so they’re hand-tied. For the guests’ table centerpieces, pick up glass vases at a dollar discount store for $1 each and place a few paper flowers in each vase.

Paper flowers can also be used for pew bows or chair decorations. Use larger squares of tissue paper with some extra layers and you can create a big poofy flower to use as pew bows or attach them to the chairs.

Give yourself some time to play around with different types of paper flowers to see which you like best, which is easier to work with, and which is the most cost effective, especially if you’re on a smaller budget.

Wear Different Wedding Dresses

Full ball-gown

The full ball-gown wedding dress is an attention-grabber and statement-maker. The outfit maintains its shape as a result of hoops that are sewn into the crinolin or the gown itself. The hoops make the dress have the full shape.

While the hoops are great as they give the outfit an elegant look, they can work against you by making the dress ugly and uncomfortable to wear.

To avoid this, you should ensure that your outfit is made like the bombast. This means that the dress shouldn’t have any hoops thus you won’t have masses of crinolin twisting around the knees and calves. It will also be very comfortable to sit in.

Slinky dress

The outfit was designed to hug and emphasize a woman’s curves. For ideal results when wearing the outfit, you should wear a good bra. You should also wear a satin slip under the gown. The slip plays a major role in preventing lumps and bumps from interfering with the sleek lines.

You should ensure that the slip is fitted so that it doesn’t bunch under the gown.

Music Wedding Package

Getting the Space

Getting an ideal space for your wedding is a must and should be key in selecting an ideal wedding package. Additional spaces such as outdoor space or a patio linked to the actual hall can also be gotten in some venues. You might even want to try negotiating for bigger halls with some companies.

Getting What You Need

You need to be clear on your specific requirements when it comes to food, decorations and bartenders. It is your special day after all, and communicating what all you desire on your special day is of essence. Getting a wedding package which does not suit to your tastes and likings is going to be useless and not to forget, a complete waste of money. Apart from the usual wedding details, you would also want to include a professional wedding photographer and a DJ in your list of essential things.

Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer might not be included in your wedding package. Therefore you would have to hire one externally. Keep in mind that a wedding photographer will be responsible for providing you with your wedding memories so choose one wisely.


Your wedding will not be complete without a DJ at your wedding who can fill the event with a mix of beautiful music. Surely, an event without music is going to be a dead one so make sure to hire someone to lighten up the atmosphere with some amazing tunes.

Make a Large Paper Flower


  • 10 sheets of Card-stock in your choice of colour.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and a Hot Glue gun.
  • One Styrofoam ball in size of your choice.
  • Jewels to stick on ball for the centre. (pre-adhesive jewels are best)
  • Additional paper (any type) to create centres. (I used muffin cups)
  • A circle cut out of Bristol board or thick card-stock about 6 inches in diameter.

The Flower Shape:

  1. Step 1: Using the 10 sheets of cardstock fold as follows. Leave 6 sheets regular size. Fold 3 sheets in half once. Fold 1 sheet in half twice.
  2. Step 2: Using the shape of your choice draw then cut out petals in each set of folded papers. You want each size of paper to have the same shape. Cut a small slit at the centre bottom of the straight edge side of each petal. There should be 6 large, 6 medium, and 4 small sized petals of similar shapes. You can go to nature for the shape you’d like, for example you can use a heart shape.
  3. Step 3: Using the slit you created in the bottom edge place hot glue in the bottom corner of one side of the slit. Slightly over lap the other side stick together. This will create a slightly 3D shaped petal.
  4. Step 4: Using the 6 inch circle, begin to stick petals on. Start with the outer edge of the circle and stick down 3 large petals. Place them equal distance apart. Overlap the remaining 3 large petals in between the spaces of the first petals. Continue this overlapping process with the 6 medium petals. For the final 4 small petals place them on opposite sides of each other in the centre.

Making the centre and completing the flower:

  1. Step 1: Take the Styrofoam ball and cut it in half. You can use a sharp knife or craft saw.
  2. Step 2: Using the jewels or rhinestone adhesive of your choice, create a pattern on the dome of the Styrofoam ball. You can use multiple colours, different patterns.. get creative!
  3. Step 3: Use the additional paper to create an outer edge for the now jeweled Styrofoam ball half to sit in. For example you can layer paper muffin cups in 3 different sizes or you could also cut circles from regular paper and scrunch in a cone shape to create the same effect as the muffin cups. Glue the centre to the layered paper.
  4. Step 4: Glue the completed centre to the middle of the finished flower shape and your own giant paper flower.

Accessorizing Wedding Dress

Add Color

Traditional wedding dresses are white; however, you shouldn’t be scared of adding a splash of color in order to accessorize it. For example, you should go for colored gemstones or pearls. You can also add bold accents such as colored sashes or appliqués to the dress. Adding color gives the outfit a unique look.

Make Use of Complementary Accents

To avoid looking just like everyone else you should avoid sticking to gemstones or sequins for bridal accessories. To be unique you should mix different kinds of accents. For example, you can mix white pearls with clear crystals. When mixing the accents ensure that they are complementary. This is to prevent you from looking like a disorganized mess.

Have a Personal Style

As mentioned, accessories are the best ways of breaking tradition. To feel good during your big day you should unleash your inner self with your accessories. For example, if you like butterflies you should wear butterfly jewelry. You should also wear butterfly hair pieces.

Points to Note

While it’s good to add accessories to your wedding dress, you need to consider a number of things. One of the things that you should consider is your comfort. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you are comfortable in order to enjoy your big day. For example, you shouldn’t wear 6″ shoes if you aren’t going to be comfortable in them during the wedding.

Budget for Wedding Cake

Now that you know how much a cake costs on average, it is important to discuss how vital a cake is to your wedding! Why are you getting the cake? This will help you understand how much you would be required to spend on the cake. Below, for example are two purposes the cakes can serve, and your options

For showcase cakes, it is important for them to have a good height. How high it would be, depends on the number of guests you would be having. There are a few options for showcase cakes. First, if you are not planning on feeding your wedding cake to your guests, then you could consider dummy cakes, which can be made according to your theme or rented if you can find one that is suitable. This would be the least costly option obviously.

If your cake is going to feed your guests, you would need a real cake! But it does not necessarily have to be the entire wedding cake. You could get a dummy and have the real cake served separately to your guests. This option might require less financial commitment depending on the bakery you choose. Also, you could do a real/dummy wedding cake. This would mean that some tiers on your cake are real and some are dummies. You would definitely save with this option.

Once you have decided the purpose of the cake. It would be easier to decide how much to allocate for your wedding cake.

If you are looking for rentals, find out the average price of wedding cakes that are being rented and use it as an estimate. However, do look through your options first to confirm if you can even find a cake that suits your wedding theme.

If you are looking for full sugar cakes to be made, and you are unsure of the size you would require, you could equate 50 guests to 1 tier as a simple estimate. Therefore, 150 guests would require 3 tiers. However, anything above 5 tiers might be an “overkill”.

Generally, for cakes that are going to be served to your guests as dessert, you could take the price of a wedding cake with the design that you liked previously, (from your research) and divide it with the number of guests at that wedding. Now you would need to multiply this average with the number of guests you are feeding. Here’s a formula.

Your wedding cake budget est. =

Price of selected wedding cake / Number of guests it fed


Number of guests you would be feeding

So that’s it folks! We sincerely hope that this article has proven to be of some help for anyone who is having trouble with budgeting for your wedding cakes. Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us with your doubts and we will gladly help!

Vishwakarma Weddings

Every state has its own customary trend in terms of food, attire, culture and even among various intrastate dialects and sects – there are varied customary delights which are worth mentioning of and being proud of – for the color of life and vigor they emit.

Though the northern part for the country has always been in the limelight one should be reminded that the southern zone of India is no lesser colorful and vivid with its traditional dresses, food, rituals and customs.

Be it a ritual of the Brahmin Tamils or the Kerala Nairs or the Vishwakarmas – who are equally spread in the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala – with their concentration in Kerala quite good in number.

Vishwakarmas in Kerala is considered a community that is very distinctive in terms of its own culture and traditions, right from its cultural divisions to its ceremonial rituals.
For example, coming to a typical Vishwakarma wedding, there are customs and rituals enriched and dipped in rich traditions and ancient cultural touch. Vishwakarma matrimony is quite different in nature to any other kind of wedding for its own unique rites and rituals.

The typical vishwakarma matrimony starts off with the ceremony of muhuratam, which is attended by the parents of the bride and the groom, important elders of both the families as well as, most importantly – the family priest. It is a ceremony or rather a ritual in which both the families and the priest choose out an auspicious day and time for holding the wedding. Generally keeping in suite with the ancient traditions, the bride and the groom are prohibited to attend this ceremony. The muhuratam is considered the very first of the pre-wedding rituals.

The next in line is the ceremony of the pendlikoothuru which is conducted individually in the homes of the bride and the groom by their respective families. It is an essential part to start the wedding as it involves the bride and the groom to be smeared with turmeric and oil and then taking a holy bath- indicative of the fact that they are sanctified of all evil before taking a plunge towards the sacred union of their lives.

The major part of the rituals generally take place on the wedding day starting with the mangala-snaanam followed by the worshipping ceremonies by both the bride and the groom. After taking an early morning bath, the bride performs a puja and offers her prayers to Goddess Durga whereas the bride-groom offers his prayers to Lord Ganesha, seeking their blessings for a fruitful and happy life ahead.

The vishwakarmas have a beautiful custom of carrying the beautifully decked up bride in a basket to the kalyan-mandap that is the wedding arena. More over the bride and the groom are also forbidden to see of each other until the moment when the wedding solemnized. This entire moment is called the kanya daan ceremony, indicative of the father giving the hand of his loved daughter to the groom and urging the groom to take all responsibilities henceforth.

Suffolk Wedding

Planning a wedding in Ipswich

Ipswich is served by two major roads, A12 and A14, along with great connections to two airports. There is a well-connected rail station in the town centre that offers regular trains to and from Greater London, Liverpool and surrounding areas. So wherever your guest’s come from, you can be rest assured that they will be able to access any of the beautiful wedding venues in Suffolk.

Wedding Hotels, Ipswich

The luxury of choosing wedding venues in Suffolk, like Wedding Inn, is that they’ll give you an extensive deal, excellent service, wedding caterers, and nighttime afterparties.

Ipswich carries an exceptional number of large hotels along with classic country manors for you to select from. Moreover, many of them have personal wedding coordinators, who will make sure that your day runs as smoothly as possible. Therefore you can sit back and enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Hintlesham Corridor Inn

For a grand country marriage look no further than the Hintlesham Corridor Inn, Ipswich. This specific Rank 1 Stated Manor Property is placed within breath-taking gardens. They offer a vast selection of wedding packages including the, ‘Gainsborough Package’, which provides a unique experience of the Inn along with aperitifs, canapés, a 3-course marriage meal, a great night time buffet, and catering for over sixty guests.