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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Jeweler For Wedding Ring

  1. To find the best jeweler likely to have exactly what you are looking for, you can begin by asking your married friends and relatives for any good recommendations. They have made purchases before and therefore must know trusted jewelers you can approach with your wedding ring needs. Getting such recommendations will give you an easy time finding your ring because you don’t have to spend time doing a search.
  2. If you would rather do all the work and find your own jeweler, then the internet still makes this easy for you to do. There are so many jewelers online and by going through the details and ring offers, you can make a good choice before spending your money. The reputation of the jeweler should give you confidence and so should be the services he offers to ensure you get the perfect ring. Look at the experience of the jeweler and the kinds of rings he deals with in terms of metal and designs or styles. A huge variety of rings give you more flexible options so you can make a good decision when buying the wedding bands.
  3. A good jeweler will not only have a huge collection of rings for you to choose from but should also offer customizing services in case you don’t end up finding a ring that interests you. Sometimes you might want the band to match the engagement ring or you might be in search of a unique design and adornment on the ring. With such services, you can decide how your diamonds are set on the band if you wish to have a diamond ring. The services also make it easy for you to get a ring that is just perfect in terms of fit and comfort.
  4. When choosing a jeweler, ask if they offer any warranty and authenticity certificate with the ring. Certificates are great for large diamond rings and will give you details of the origin of the diamond. You can also consider insuring your ring and having it appraised if you truly value quality.
  5. When choosing a jeweler, choose one that is knowledgeable enough with the ring options. He should be able to answer all your questions and help you choose the best metal and design. If you know nothing about the best wedding rings, then it should be up to your jeweler to give you a highlight of your options to make the selection process smooth.

Oriya Wedding

fun and amusement. The groom being the central hero of all Oriya Matrimonials arrives at the wedding location with his kinsmen with much pomp and gaiety. He is ceremoniously welcomed by the bride’s mother with an aarti and a tilak of rice. All the other members of the groom’s family are also warmly greeted and received.

Salabidha: It’s not only the bride and groom that have all the fun in Oriya weddings. The bride’s brother also gets to have his share of fun in the wedding ritual called Salabidha. This is a fun ritual which involves the bride’s brother (sala) giving the groom a punch (bidha) on his back. This mock punch is to remind his brother-in-law of his duties towards his sister. A lot of jollity takes place as everyone hollers to the sala whether to give a hard or soft blow.

Kauri khela is a fun filled ritual in most Oriya Matrimonials which involves playing of a white colored shining kauri (conch shell) by the newlywed couple. It is believed to bring wealth, harmony and prosperity. The bridegroom first holds a kauri in his fist and the bride tries to break the fist with both her hands. In the next round the bride makes a tight fist with both her hands while the bridegroom tries to open it with only one hand. There is a lot of fun and laughter as each one struggles in this mini arm wrestling match. This event evokes much laughter and cheerfulness amongst the members of the family.

Saasudahipakhalakhia: This is another interesting and humorous ceremony. After the games are over, the mother of the bride makes the groom sit on her lap and feeds him curd pakhala (rice and curd) along with baiganapoda (spicy mashed eggplant). It’s a loving and affectionate gesture by the mother-in-law which the onlookers watch with great interest and mirth. Many a playful remark can be heard during this ceremony especially if the groom happens to be on the healthier side!!

Sexy Wedding of Summer

The cut

On the recent catwalks, many popular styles of bespoke bridal gowns utilise a very different “avant garde” cut than traditional dresses. Whether it is a plunging neckline or shoulders cut in an asymmetrical fashion, there are myriad ways to use the cut of the dress to stunning effect. Another trending look at the moment is the scoop-backed dress, which drops dramatically yet softly down the bride’s back and loops back up over her shoulders. A further take on this is the one-shoulder dress, which scoops down the back and drapes up and back over the front, making it both elegant and daring.

The length

While it is easier to get away with shorter dresses in the summertime, this year, many styles of bespoke bridal gowns are taking up the length to add a touch of sex appeal for the adventurous bride. With traditional bodices but above the knee lengths, the shorter styles really draw attention to the legs while staying subdued enough to satisfy your granny. Conversely, longer, flowing skirts are being paired with lower cut tops or lacy bodices, to help to balance out the risqué with traditional.

The use of lace

As one of the most traditional accessories and materials used in bespoke bridal gowns and even off-the-rack dresses, it is no wonder that lace features highly when designing a more risqué wedding dress. By enabling you to both cover up and show off some skin, a dress can give the illusion of being low cut, cut out or as traditional as you want – with the addition of clever lace, you’ll be tempting but not trampy. A lace bodice fitted to the bride’s body can be paired with a long, flowing skirt and be both alluring and appropriate for a daytime wedding. It’s a careful balance that can be played around with at the time of getting your dress designed. The key is to not be afraid to embrace the lace!

Woodhall Manor


The property can be found at Woodbridge which is near to the lovely Suffolk heritage coast. It’s within easy reach of the county of Essex as well as Ipswich.

An Ideal Setting

As far as Suffolk wedding venues go, Woodhall Manor offers a sublime setting for a magical wedding and memorable reception. It’s an extremely versatile venue, making it a great choice for any type of celebration. You get to indulge in exclusive use of the country estate for the entire day, which not many Suffolk wedding venues cater for.

The Manor has managed to retain its charm and original character while providing all the expected modern comforts you need for your dream event. And since this gem is somewhat hidden, you can relax in an warm haven which is ideal for intimate events.

Woodhall Manor is just as comfortable catering for larger functions, though, making it one of the finest Suffolk wedding venues.

The Venue

The property can cater for various cultural requirements from Jewish and Greek to Asian weddings. They’re also happy to host civil partnership celebrations, engagement parties and anniversary functions. It’s a versatile venue – one of the most accommodating in Essex that offers an idyllic setting whatever the occasion.

Planning a Last Minute Wedding

How many Suffolk wedding venues would be able to cope with a whirlwind wedding? Woodhall Manor is happy to owing to their years of experience as an exclusive wedding host. Their skills and expertise allow them to capture the essence of what makes for the perfect day, even with short notice.

There is a last minute package too which includes elements like exclusive use of the manor; a ceremony room; bridal changing room; an events manager; reception drinks; three-course breakfast; evening buffet and overnight stay in the Honeymoon Suite.

Civil Ceremonies

A civil ceremony need not be impersonal – just imagine your special day set amongst the enchanting garden or in the quaint Bishops Room beside a log fire. There are a variety of spaces, both indoor and out, at Woodhall Manor.

Right Black Diamond Wedding Band

Choosing the right band may become easier for brides and grooms if they know their personality types. Brides who prefer black diamond wedding bands often reflect the following personality traits:

  • They’re sophisticated
  • They’re often described as mysterious and alluring
  • They possess an attention captivating and seductive personality

On the other hand, grooms who choose black diamond wedding bands can be defined with the following personality traits:

  • They’re often described as confident and a winning personality
  • They often reflect flairs of romance to their partner
  • They prefer uniqueness instead of convention.

When you’re going to purchase a black diamond wedding band, be careful and selective with the material that’s used for creating the band. It really matters a lot because build quality of band depends on it. Today bands of several metals are out in the market. Given below is some information about good metals that are used for creating these bands:

  • If you’ve a huge budget then you can go for the bands of Platinum base. They look insanely attractive and luxurious, but they also cost a fortune because Platinum is most expensive metal in the world. Other luxurious and traditional choices include Gold and Silver, both of which provide luxurious looks to the wearer. And if you want something truly modern then you can go for white or rose gold.
  • If you’re on a comparatively low budget then you can try the bands of Stainless Steel, Tungsten or Titanium. Tungsten is famous for its durability while Titanium is known for the sustainability of its gorgeous looks. Titanium also attracts numerous eyebrows because of its amazing grey colored design that’s not common in wedding bands. Those who love a trendy look may try highly polished bands of stainless steel. Bands made of steel also look nice and stylish along with the diamond!

Wedding Statistic

Traditions of Good Luck

Each culture has their own unique traditions to provide good luck to the happy couple. In Greece, brides will place a sugar cube in their gloves in order to “sweeten” the marriage. Muslim brides will paint henna on their hands and feet as a form of protection from guests who may be jealous. One of the most interesting is that Hindu couples view raining on their wedding day as a sign of good luck as well.

“Request Your Presence”

This is the common phrase used in wedding invitations that most people may interpret as a fancy way of saying “We Invite You”. However, the actual tradition behind the phrase is that the term “request your presence” is one used to invite you to a ceremony in a house of worship. Conversely, the phrase “pleasure of your company” is used when the ceremony is being held outside of a place of worship.

The Engagement Ring

It is believed that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to use wedding rings in their marriage ceremonies, although the tradition is not nearly as strong as it is today. Diamond engagement rings for example which are very common now was first used in 1477 in Vienna as the Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented his new bride Mary of Burgundy with a diamond wedding ring. For the next several centuries, diamond wedding rings were the very popular among the rich and well to do. However, in the Western world engagement rings did not become popular until the latter half of the 19th century and in the US diamond engagement rings did not become popular until the Great Depression years of the 1930s.

The Price of Weddings

Overall, the average wedding in Australia costs about $48,082 according to a 2012 survey. Most of the money actually goes towards paying for the venue and catering services with only a small fraction going towards decorations, dresses and other aspects of the wedding itself. Many couples can expect to pay roughly $10,500 just to have everything reserved for the big day. What is the least expensive aspect of marriage? It is the marriage license which usually costs around $70.

Wedding Perfumes

Try to match your scent to the theme of the wedding. If you are having a traditional wedding then a classic romantic floral fragrance will match it perfectly. Go for a perfume that has jasmine and musk for a sensual fragrance that lasts long after the actual event. Pick a light summery floral scent if you are having a summer event in a garden or any outdoor area. A crisp citrusy fragrance will be perfect for a beach wedding. If you are having a fall wedding then a spicy scent will be perfect for you.

Wear the perfume before you buy it so that you are sure that it goes well with your own scent. Keep in mind that the perfume should last you a long time so that you smell lovely throughout the wedding ceremony. You might not get a chance to touch it up until just before the reception. Be absolutely sure that the perfume smells good even after a few hours of wearing it. In fact, you should avoid making a decision until you have had the perfume on your skin for at least 30 minutes.

It is not enough to buy the right perfume, although this is undeniably very important. You should also wear it correctly in order to get the best results. Make sure that you apply the perfume to your pulse points which are located on the inner parts of your wrists, your cleavage and behind your ears. Do not rub your wrists together because this will destroy the scent.

Plan a Backwater Wedding in Kerala

Wedding Event: The wedding can be planned by the couple themselves; however, it is advisable to hire a wedding planner because it requires a lot of research and planning in hosting a backwater wedding. Depending on the budget, a backwater wedding can be organized either in a simple or a lavish manner. It can be a modest beach party or a grand ballroom reception. Also, it can either be a private affair with few close friends and family or it can be a big lavish matrimony in Kerala with a large number of guests.

Wedding themes: The backwater wedding can be based on either a western or a traditional Kerala theme. You can arrange for a traditional welcome with “Thalapoli” or traditionally-dressed girls with garlands and welcome lamps. Given that backwaters are a very popular wedding venue, you can get easy access to florists, sound providers, videographers, decorators, etc. Kerala is known for its elephants, and you can easily arrange for a few at the wedding. If you are opting for a traditional style marriage, a few decorated elephants can provide a memorable experience for the guests. You can even arrange for performances by local folk dancers.

Food: Kerala offers a wide variety of cuisine options. The traditional vegetarian menu or Sadhya of a Kerala wedding consists of rice, rasam, sambar, along with a number of curries and vegetables, teamed with pickles and papad. Modern wedding menus may include three or four course meals, including appetizers, biryani or plain rice, curries, and desserts. Tapioca appetizers and Kerala bread called as Idiyappam or Palappam served with curries are deliciously savoured. Depending on your guest list, you can also add Chinese or Continental food to the menu.

Pick a Wedding Limousine

Go and inspect your car before you pay a deposit. Make sure they appear to be clean and well presented inside and out. They should have no signs of excessive wear and tear, other than minor day to day signs. Pick up a champagne flute and ensure they are clean!

Make sure the wedding car is registered, and inquire whether they are licenced by the local licencing authority to do weddings. There should probably be a valid permit or sticker on the windscreen in most instances.

Make sure your car is fitted with functioning air conditioning. Some older cars don’t have it, or it will only be effective up to mildly warm temperatures. Thereafter you may be sweating all day!

A competent company will provide ribbon for your car, a bottle of champagne (where legally allowed) chilled water and perhaps interior decoration such as flowers and tulle. Exceptional ones will also have an emergency haberdashery kit for last minute repairs, Bandaids, Panadol and hair clips or ties.

Pay a minimal deposit. If they want 50% or 100% up front, be cautious. You stand to lose a substantial amount. 20% is a more reasonable amount, with the balance payable in the week before the wedding.

If you are booking for an extended time, ask if you can bring a plate of sandwiches or sushi or snacks to tie your wedding party over.

Ensure your chauffeur is going to be neatly groomed and presented in uniform or suit and tie!

If you want red carpet, ask for it! None of these items should cost you any more above your existing quote.

If you need transfers after the wedding, ask your limo provider. If they do not offer this service, they should be able to make recommendations.

If the stretch does not have a fifth door or bridal door, you may be entering the car next to the rear wheel. Ensure the driver has a wheel cover to protect you and your bridesmaids dresses from tyre black when entering and exiting the car.

Lastly, call the limousine company a week before your booking and confirm the details. On the day of your wedding, get your bridesmaid or best man to ring 1st thing and re-confirm.

Survive a Winter Wedding

Make sure you have an early ceremony

When you have a wedding in winter you need to take into consideration the fact that the amount of daylight in a day is limited. Therefore it is suggested that you look at planning the ceremony so that it is as early in the day has possible, which will ensure that there is enough available light for great photographs.

Choose the wedding venue carefully

Always check that the venue you plan to have your wedding at will not mean that your guests have to linger outside. Appreciate that your guests will want to be inside where it is warm and dry.

Brides need to invest in a warm jacket!

It is not nice hanging around outside in the cold but sometimes when it comes to the photography it is a necessity. The winter scenery should be taken advantage of but you will need to invest in a good jacket to ensure that you stay warm at any point where you need to be outside.

Also don’t forget about the outfits that you choose for your bridesmaids. Warm elegant dresses will ensure they are all comfortable and remain happy throughout the day.

Hire an appropriate winter wedding car

Getting to the church or reception on time is a must, and therefore it is important that you hire a reliable wedding car which will handle the harsh winter season conditions. The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is a perfect choice of car for a winter wedding and is loved by Brides and Grooms across the whole of the country. It does not only fit beautifully amongst the winter scenery, but it will do the job just fine keeping you exceptionally nice and warm in the cold climate. Additionally the magnolia leather seats will add that extra touch of luxury which can not be rivalled by any other car.