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About Pre Marriage Functions

  • Engagement ceremony: it is the very first step of married life. Rings are exchanged after the final confirmation of both the sides for marriage. This function is very important and special, as engagement is called as half marriage. It marks the starting of a new relation and commitment between the two persons. This function can be organized at bride’s home or in any banquet hall, followed by the lunch or dinner for guests. It is celebrated differently in different parts of India. In Tamil matrimonial, this function is accomplished by exchanging a dish, resembling the good relation between families.
  • Mehendi ceremony: it is also a very nice ceremony, where the bride gets applied with henna in her hands and feet. It is a traditional ceremony and is very joyful process. It is organized at bride’s house, where her relatives and friends join, and witness the process of Mehendi. In some families, Mehendi is applied by sister in-laws first. It is believed that, if the color of henna after getting dried is dark, and then the bride will be very happy in her husband’s home. Many designs like flower, peacock, etc. are made through henna and sometimes the name of groom is also drawn on the design.
  • Sangeet ceremony: Indian culture has a space for everything. Not only the cultural, but also entertaining ceremonies are there to have some fun time. Sangeet ceremony is celebrated at bride’s house, where the ladies bring in dholak and other instruments to sing folk songs related to wedding. These days, the Sangeet function is conducted jointly by both bride and groom’s family and they organize a grand party. The music and dance is done by the families and it is a day with full of fun for both ends. It is normally organized with Mehendi ceremony only, but can be organized separately also.
  • Tilak ceremony: it is a very special ceremony for many families. This function is organized at groom’s house and mostly men of both the families participate in it. The family of bride comes to groom’s house to attend the pooja and other ceremonies. After that, bride’s father and other elders gift things like cloths, sweets, etc. to groom and his family members. The groom’s father also gift them sweets, jewelry, cloths and other gifts for family and bride. The function is followed by lunch or dinner.