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Alternative Wedding Day Transport

Transportation has to be one of the toughest questions a bride-to-be can answer because after all the months or even years of planning there will be a point where you will finally arrive on the day and all of your closest friends and family will be waiting for you to see how beautiful you look in your wedding dress.

Now traditionally you have a few options; hire an executive car such as a Mercedes S Class, hire a vintage car such as a 132 Morris Isis, become a fairy-tale princess and arrive by horse-drawn carriage or alternatively borrow your dads Jaguar for the afternoon.

While these modes of transport can be grand and impressive on the eye, on a day where anything is possible they lack a bit of originality. You need to arrive in style…

Arriving by private helicopter is the ultimate way to arrive to your wedding or reception and will definitely impress your camera wielding guests. The good news is hiring a private helicopter for your wedding is now more accessible and reasonably priced than you would think (depending on your budget of course!).

From as little as £650 you and your husband or wife to be have a variety of options at your disposal. You can be picked up from the church or picked up at a location near to home, taken on an exciting aerial view of your home town and then dropped off in style at your venue to the amazement of your friends and family.

The benefits of hiring your own helicopter include many things such as:

  • Being in full control of your schedule so that if things run over you are able to change pick-up times with a simple phone call
  • Treating yourself to an added extra so that a bottle of champagne is waiting for you on board – Imagine flying over your local area whilst sitting back in celebration having just gotten married!
  • No hassle travel as you soar above the landscape eliminating hectic traffic that may upset your wedding schedule
  • Perfect photo opportunities when you arrive at your venue
  • Quite simply an experience of a lifetime that everybody will remember forever