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Anniversary Cakes

You can always use the traditional colors for silver and golden anniversaries.

But you can also be creative and try to design something special for each couple.

They might want to recreate their wedding cake. If they have a photo you can try to follow the design of the original cake. Their children might want to bring you wedding photos and have you do this as a surprise for their parents.

Or young parents may want to order wedding toppers of a tired, but happy, looking mom and dad surrounded by children to show how their family has grown over the years.

Older couples may want to include toppers of small children to represent all their grandchildren.

Or they may want the cake to represent their adventures. Are they kayakers? Then have a cake with a river and them floating down stream together. Do they love camping? Traveling Europe? Golfing? Playing bridge? Almost any hobby can make a creative cake idea.

Make a cake shaped like an RV if that’s how they travel.

Do they like to garden? Then decorate with carrots and tomatoes growing out of a “garden patch”.

If they’re pet lovers, work that into your design.

Can they be found each evening playing Scrabble? Make a board design on your cake and spell out their names.

You can also use a variety of cake shapes and tiers to design unique creations. Circles, squares, hearts can all be combined to make new configurations.

Be sure to use solid cake stands so your cakes will transport safely. By using stands and boards that don’t need to be returned you keep your customers from having to pay a deposit. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting your equipment back.

Offer a lot of options for flavors, as well. By mixing and matching their favorite flavors of cake, icing, and fillings you can create something special for their occasion.

Adding textures of leaves, hearts, pearl shaped chains, or hand formed fondant roses all work to provide beautiful designs. Use different borders to offer a completely different look.

Don’t forget the growing popularity of cupcakes. This gives your customers the chance to offer a selection of flavors for their guests.

Another option is cake pops. These are easy to serve and easy to eat. Adults love them as well as children.