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Buy and Send Wedding Invites

The guest list needs to be made before invitations can be ordered. Do not simply count how many people are on the guest list because too many invitations will be ordered. Each couple or family should be counted as one invitation. Consider how much each person will cost at the reception before inviting everyone the couple has ever met.

Price can be a consideration when ordering invitations, especially if there are many guests invited. Each invitation is a keepsake and almost considered barter for gifts from the guests. Therefore, brides should not go for the bottom dollar, low quality invitation. There should be some quality in the invitation while keeping it affordable.

Look for invitation creation companies that offer other services along with their high quality invitations. Make sure they include envelopes for free with the order. Any part of the invitation design should be altered for free. See if the company offers free shipping, even if it is conditional.

It takes time to print invitations and have them shipped. It can take as little as two weeks and as much as six weeks. It could take an additional two weeks to address, stamp, and send all of the invitations. The return address should be printed on the envelope or address labels that match the invitation should be purchased.

Triple-check the spelling of full parents’ names and locations of the ceremony and reception. It is also a good idea to double check the addresses for the locations. There should be at least two other people outside of the bride proofreading the invitations for various errors. Brides memorize the information and often skip over a typo without realizing it.

Choose an appropriate font style, colour, and size. A simple font allows more wording on the invitation. Frilly fonts only look good in large type. Beware of illegible cursive fonts. Couples can have their names in a larger, frilly font with the rest of the information in a smaller, simpler font. If the first initial looks great in the font, the rest of the invitation will look great as well.

Buy the rest of the wedding stationary at the same time as the wedding invitation. This ensures all the stationary will match the theme created for the wedding. Also, if brides do not order accessory printing now, she may not get around to it later in the planning process.

Wedding stationary includes many different categories. Invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, announcements, envelopes, ceremony programs, seating cards, save the date cards, location map, napkins, and other miscellaneous paper is included in the wedding stationary category.

Decide how far in advance to send out wedding invitations. Don’t forget to factor the time it takes to print and ship the invitations. Consider where guests live in relation to where the invitations are being sent from.

Most places recommend sending invitations out six to eight weeks in advance. If time is of the essence, sort invitations by zip code and send them out in that order. Brides need to keep an accurate list of responses for vendor and hall guest count requirements.

This is where it is important to include response or RSVP cards. Especially if providing dinner or drinks, an accurate guest count can save on money and will ensure there is plenty of food for everyone.