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Something Old Something New

Something old: Traditionally, the “old” is more like a family heirloom that has been handed down from your ancestors. It usually has sentimental value too.

It could be a locket, a particular ring or a bracelet. Or it could be the beautiful lace gloves your great-grandmother wore for her wedding, which your grandmother wore and your mother wore.

If there are no pieces of jewelry or any sentimental heirlooms that have been handed down, you can always start a new tradition.

Check out some consignment shops or antique shops and look for something old that you can wear and hand down to your daughter or granddaughter.

‘Something old’ may even be your mother’s wedding gown that she’s been saving for her daughter to wear. Maybe the daughter’s seen photos of her mother’s dress and adamantly refuses to wear it because it’s outdated, too “retro.”

In that case, the old dress can often be updated with the help of a professional wedding dress seamstress. Sleeves can be shortened, the train can be shortened, even the overall look and style of the dress can be modernized to fit the bride’s tastes.

And if none of that is appealing, and the bride has her heart set on wearing a dress of her own, then maybe a piece of lace or embroidery from her mother’s wedding dress can be made into something the bride can carry, like a small purse.

Something new: Most brides think of their wedding dress as something new. But today, some brides are opting to rent a wedding dress or buy a previously used dress from a consignment shop on an online store like eBay or Etsy.

Since ‘something new’ symbolizes everything that hasn’t happened yet – starting a new life together with your new husband, for example, your ‘something new’ can pretty much be anything you want.

You can buy a new pair of earrings and matching necklace and bracelet for the wedding. You can buy a new pair of bridal shoes, or maybe your veil will be brand new even if your dress isn’t.

Or you can get your nails done in a new style or design that you’ve never done before.

You can even use ‘something old, something new’ with one item, for example, making a new wedding dress from an old one. Or turning parts of an old dress into a new handbag or lace gloves.

Just use your imagination when looking for something new for your wedding day.

Unity Sand Ceremony

Some Interesting Variations in the Unity Sand Ceremony
Some couples include their parent and grandparents in the ceremony, with each pouring from specific vessels into the main vessel. Another variation is in symbolically blending the children of the couple together.

For the last several years, it’s become more common for couples to have already been married and had children and even grandchildren with former spouses. So not only are the bride and groom being joined together, the Unity Sand Ceremony is a perfect way to symbolize blending the two separate families into one.

Pouring the Sand from the Separate Containers Into the Larger Keepsake Jar or Box
There are a few different ways to do this too. Some couples pour their individual sands into the larger container at the same time, and others pour them in alternately.

The sands can be poured before taking the vows, after the vows or even during the vows. As each individual repeats a line of the vows, he or she pours the sand, alternating until the vows have all been said.

Some Unity Sand Ceremonies have the couple emptying their individual containers completely into the larger container to symbolize the two individuals becoming one.

Other ceremonies have the couples leaving a little sand in their own containers to symbolize that even though they’re joined as one, they’re also still individuals.

Another popular part of the ceremony may be for the officiate to pour a “foundation.” He’ll pour white sand first, from a third vial before the couple pours their sand in. The officiate also pours a final amount of white sand on top to “seal” the union.

If the wedding ceremony is on the beach, there may be a seashell next to the largest container for the minister or officiate to use. The minister can scoop up some sand right from the beach and use that as the foundation and the seal for the blended sands.

Different Colors of Sand
Couples usually use different sand colors during the Unity Sand Ceremony. Many couples choose colors to match the theme of their wedding.

For instance, like in the video above, the bride used a light blue and the groom used a dark blue. The foundation and seal were poured with white sand.

Another variation is to use regular uncolored sand for the foundation and seal, with the bride pouring white sand and the groom pouring black sand.

How Many Different Jars Are There in a Unity Sand Ceremony?
Typically, you would have three or four containers: one small jar each for the bride and groom, and the larger keepsake jar that the individual sands are blended into.

If the couple is having a “foundation” and “seal” poured by the minister, the officiate will have a third smaller container.

The Keepsake Jar
The larger jar that will hold all of the blended sand can really be anything you want. You might want to think of the decor of the room where the keepsake will be displayed.

You can get a beautiful wooden shadow box or a heart-shaped glass or crystal jar. You can actually use anything you want.

And you can have the keepsake jar engraved before the ceremony with the couples’ names and wedding date.

Some couples even have their individual vials, flasks or jars engraved with their initials and the wedding date. That way the whole Unity Sand Ceremony set can be displayed together.

Wedding Dress With a Price Tag

Kate Middleton

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, with the huge fanfare that accompanied the event, the dress had a lot of expectations to live up to. Inspired by Grace Kelly’s dress, the gown was designed by Sarah Burton from the house of Alexander McQueen. Utilising yards and yards of silk net and lace it featured hand stitched appliqué and cost around £250,000. Within hours of the wedding, replica gowns were being produced all over the world.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s custom wedding dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. It is said that Diana’s unique personality and the way she wore it added to the value and beauty of the gown. With pearls, sequins and lace frills on the bodice it was offset with a train of around 24 feet in length and was priced at a quite modest £9000 in 1981.

These amazing dresses may be out of the range of most brides-to-be, however they could certainly serve as an inspiration for a custom wedding dress design.

Grace Kelly – ‘The Wedding of the Century’

Number one is reputed to be (comparatively, by today’s standards) the most expensive custom wedding dress, ever – although whether it is the best is entirely subjective of course. Grace Kelly was an American film actress who married Prince Rainier III, to become Princess of Monaco. The prince proposed to Ms Kelly within just three days of meeting her and her family, but once she accepted, the event was promoted as ‘The Wedding of the Century’.

Designed by Helen Rose, the dress has endured as a huge influence for brides commissioning a custom wedding dress for themselves. Helen Rose was an American costume and clothing designer who spent most of her career with the famous American film company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and the dress was a gift to Grace Kelly from the studio. Sleeveless and using details of silk, silk net, silk taffeta and an antique rose-point lace, the dress comprised a bodice and skirt as well as two petticoats. Kelly wore a veil, head-dress and pearls to finish off the breathtakingly beautiful ensemble. The gown is now owned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Wedding Receptions on a Budget


When it comes to weddings, choosing to do it yourself can be a lifesaver while adding a special, personal touch to your day. There are different levels of DIY for you to choose from, so do whatever you’re comfortable with and make sure you have a trial run before the big event. Many brides, for instance, choose to do their own flower arrangements for the reception tables.

Know your alternatives

Knowing what alternatives you have can also be a huge fund-saver. For instance, you can use silk flowers in your arrangements as opposed to live ones, this allows you to research and compare flowers ahead of time while also saving you time and stress when designing and putting the arrangements together.

Know the common hidden costs

Don’t let hidden costs catch you by surprise. Research every aspect of what you’re paying for and what you’ll be receiving when it comes to your day. Things like taxes and gratuities can really add up the larger your party is, so make sure you know what’s customary and what’s expected at your venue.

Organize and prioritize

Organization and prioritization will save you both money and stress. What about your reception is most important and what can you do without? The key is knowing where you can cut costs before you make a decision. That way when the decision needs to be made, you’re informed and harder to sway.

Stick to your guns, and your budget

Be an advocate for your budget, and know where each dollar is going. Though it may seem daunting, the more you keep track of each dollar spent, the better perspective you’ll have. While you shouldn’t overspend, you also shouldn’t have to settle on your big day, so make sure you know where your middle ground is.


Wedding Vow Ideas

It would be hard not to love the idea of beautifully written verse and deep and meaningful words spoken in mellifluous tones but don’t be put off if you are not a fan of classic literature and don’t use words you don’t fully understand. All, that will happen is that you will feel foolish and the sentiment will be lost. Don’t be afraid to include a particularly poignant song lyric or quote from a favourite film, book or poem if it has meaning for you.

“You had me at hello” is just as romantic as anything by Keats or Byron if it means something to you both.

Incidentally, there is nothing wrong with promising to wash the dishes or cook the dinner either! Just make sure you mean it.

Below are two suggested ideas for wedding vows but don’t just copy them add your own words, change things around and make them your own.

All that I am and all that I have, I offer to you in love and in happiness

From this our wedding day and every day from now I will love and comfort you when you are sad,
I will hold you close in my arms and laugh with you when you are joyful.
I will prize you above all others and remain faithful to you all the days of our lives.

Although this is short it sums up the whole idea of marriage as a joining together of hearts and minds.

The second idea follows the more traditional line of making a series of promises.

I will love you all the days of our lives together
I will share you with your family and friends.
I will allow you space when you need your own private time
I will celebrate with you when you are joyous.
If we meet with sickness, poverty or sadness,
I will be there to comfort you, care for your physical, emotional,
and spiritual needs,
I will dry your tears, and help ease your breaking heart;
There is no where I would rather be than at your side.

Take Your Vows

Do you have a life-sized chip on your shoulders, always thinking that your opinion is the best and your decision ought to be final. Are u more likely to throw a tantrum once someone disagrees with you? Then you are ripe, not ready for marriage.

Do you always need someone to make decisions for you and somehow you have come to believe that your future depends on someone else? Then you are ripe, not ready for marriage.

Do you need someone who will meet all your financial needs? Then you are ripe not ready for marriage

Are you more excited about the wedding than the marriage? Sure the beautiful ring, white gown and cake are alluring but when the dress comes off and all the well wishers are gone then starts the real thing. If you’ve not spent time thinking about that part then you’re ripe, not ready for marriage.

If you’re doing it just because all your friends are getting married too then I guess I don’t need to tell you that you’re ripe, not ready for marriage.

If you’re not ready to put someone’s needs first before yours then you’re definitely ripe, not ready for marriage.

Suddenly it doesn’t matter anymore what he does for a living, whether you love him or whether he really loves you then lady, you’re ripe, not ready for marriage.

Are you thinking about your family and what they are likely to benefit from your marriage? Then you’re ripe, not ready for marriage.

Are you more concerned about appending the ‘Mrs.’ to your name than the character of the ‘Mr.’? Then you are ripe, not ready for marriage.

Have you been overlooking that character flaw that causes you to have a nagging feeling in your mind? You may just be ripe, not ready for marriage.

Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are formed from an incredibly strong, flexible and waterproof material that can be stretched over a variety of styles of frame to produce an architecturally stunning display; in a variety of colours to suit the occasion. The flexibility of Stretch Tents means that the wedding tents can be used virtually anywhere, covering a range of sizes, adapting to uneven surfaces, and even joining on to existing buildings. The visual impact of the outside of the stretch tents alone will be enough to give your guests something to remember. The fabric of these tents for events also works well with lighting, letting natural daylight in; while reflecting coloured mood settings as the evening draws on.

Supported on aluminum poles, these tents for events are relatively quick to put up and take down, which can be important if you are paying a day rate for the space; this can be taken into account when you are choosing the structure. The flexibility of the design means that caterers can assemble their requirements to one side, flooring suitable for dancing can be put down; and furniture (or any props or decorations,) incorporated with ease. During the summer the sides of the wedding tents can be left open to allow a free flow of air, remember, a crowd of people generates a lot of heat; or they can stretch to ground level for cooler times of year.

Choosing Bridal Gloves

Bridal gloves come in several types, according to length – from short one-button styles, to 16-button opera styles that reach way past the elbows. The rule of thumb for choosing the length is the shorter the sleeve, the longer the style of hand wear. This is why opera styles go so elegantly with strapless gowns, while elbow length sleeved dresses look better with one-button styles. When considering the length, try on several types to find exactly what complements your particular gown. The length is also traditionally an indicator of how formal the event is, so you’ll need to factor that in as well. Ultimately, however, your choice will depend on the look of the gown and the overall theme of your wedding.

Just like other accessories, bridal gloves come in different styles and material. Naturally, you should apply the contrast principle again: if your gown has a lot of details, opt for plain one, and if your gown is simpler, that’s when you could have more fun with your hand wear. Moreover, matching with your gown doesn’t necessarily mean using the same exact fabric, especially if your dress is a combination of different types of fabric. The important thing is that the texture and the colours should match or complement. For instance, if you’re wearing a silk gown, satin or lace hand wear may be considered.

Possibly one of the most important and generally forgotten considerations is that brides need to take off their hand wear during the exchange of wedding rings. If you decide on wearing a 20-button opera style this can sometimes prove difficult. This is where additional factors kick in. Are your bridal gloves too fitted to remove efficiently? Is the fabric too expensive for you to cut a slit along the wedding finger to slip in the ring? Or is it better to wear a fingerless style? Remember, you’ll need to remove hand wear during the reception as well, especially while eating, and it takes practice to know the etiquette that goes along with donning hand wear.

Different Styles Of Wedding Rings

For grooms considering a solitaire setting, fancy diamond shapes add a unique touch if a traditional round or square-cut stone seems too plain. There are many different diamond cuts available, including emerald, pear, marquise, oval, and heart. Emerald-cut diamonds are rectangular in shape, and are very popular with celebrities.

Three-stone wedding rings are also popular, and they offer more variety than diamond solitaires. Three-stone bands are symbolic, with one diamond representing the past, one representing the present, and one representing the future. This type of ring serves as a visual representation of the life you and your fiancee have built together and the many milestones you will experience as a married couple. This type of band offers greater potential for customization than a diamond solitaire. You could choose three diamonds of equal size or put a larger diamond in the center and surround it with two smaller stones. You could even choose to combine diamonds with other types of stones for a truly unique look.

Split-shank wedding rings offer a more eye-catching option than traditional bands. This type of ring splits the band in half as it approaches the center diamond, meaning that the band will encircle the diamond. The band is often decorated with smaller diamonds or other details, such as an engraved pattern. These bands generally give off an antique vibe and look very elegant and ornate.

Pave- and channel-set diamonds are another option, especially if your significant other loves sparkle and shine. These types of bands consist of one or more large diamonds in the center of the band, surrounded by smaller diamonds throughout the length of the entire band. Pave diamonds are set on top of the band and are so close together that you cannot see the metal on the band. Channel-set diamonds are similar, but they are embedded in the band itself instead of being set on top of it.

Furniture Hire

There are plenty of companies which offer event furniture hire to help people out of tricky spots just like yours. You’d be surprised how many people forget about these things until the last minute. It will be slightly more difficult if you are looking for a very specific look, but if you just need tables and chairs for that seating plan you’ve been slaving over, there are lots of event furniture hire companies who will be able to help you out of that particularly tricky spot. No one’s expecting your great aunt Maureen to cope with standing for the whole affair.

If you’ve managed to remember that event furniture hire is an essential part of your big day, you’ll be able to look at lots of different options, and make sure everything is just right. Are the seats comfortable? There’s going to be people of all ages sitting on them, and it might be for quite a long time, so you don’t want to cause any back pain to tarnish the big day.

Speaking of all ages, will you need to provide any booster seats or highchairs for any tiny wedding guests? You might not invite babies to the main event but they’re usually welcome to the evening reception, which means they’re going to need somewhere to sit. This is another area that you’ll be able to hire when you’re looking at tables and chairs.

Ideally this process should take place before the seating plan, as different tables sit different numbers of people and if you can’t get the right size it can leave your whole plan in ruins. Ideally you need a good estimate, if not the exact numbers of how many guests will be attending. From there you will be able to work out how many tables you will need of which size in order to fit the guests in the room and get all the chairs in as well.