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Interesting Places to Get Married in the UK

Tunnels Beach Weddings, Devon

A beach wedding might seem more suited to the tropical climes of the Caribbean but Tunnels Beach in Devon offers a beautiful beach location to tie the knot. Even the weather can’t stop a wedding here, as there is a stylish function room overlooking the sea that will protect your guests from the ever-changing British weather. Tucked away in a private cove, there are stunning views and amazing sunsets that will make the perfect backdrop for you special day. There is even a resident seal that is known to show up on the shore during a wedding!

Mussenden Temple, Londonderry

What could be more impressive that a Cliffside temple for your wedding? This amazing location was originally built 1785 and forms part of the estate of the 4th Earl of Bristol. It stands solitary on the edge of the cliff, and offers a fantastic view of the sea. Perfect for anyone who has an eye for history!

The Underground Cavern, Somerset

For people who like a bit of drama, this venue will see your wedding take place deep beneath the countryside surrounded by clear pools and rock formations. For those who don’t want just a traditional church wedding, this could be perfect, with ancient rock formations and soft candle light creating a truly magical mood.

Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth

I think most of us dream about getting married on our own private island, but this must seem a million miles off from reality. However, it’s actually only a few miles off the coast of Portsmouth, with Spitbank Fort offering you the chance to rent out their private sea fort for your wedding! Originally built to protect the coast from Napoleon III, this converted fort offers luxury accommodation with panoramic views of the Solent.

Make Wedding Eco Friendly

An Outdoor Wedding – Instead of having your wedding at a banquet hall or a lavish hotel you could have it outdoors at a farm house or a green patch in the country side. It would make for a romantic setting and save on all the electricity that would be consumed in an indoor wedding.

Recycle Paper for Invitations – You could send out your wedding invitations on recycled paper. Now days there are many great options for recycled paper with a plethora of choice in colours, font and textures- perfect for the eco- friendly person in you. Or you could send e-invites. Select a fancy e-invite that showcases your wedding theme.

Organic Mehendi – Decorating hands and feet with intricate designs is a cultural heritage in most Hindu weddings. Mehendi used to be made out of natural ingredients in olden days but with advanced technology now we have chemical laiden henna that gives fast results but is harmful for the skin. Ensure that on your special day you opt for organic powdered form of mehendi that you can make into a paste yourself.

Solar (Tea) Lights – Candlelight is considered to be romantic and intimate so why not make your wedding day a romantic affair with solar tea lights. They would not only up your green quotient but also add a romantic touch to your special day. So get set to have a recharged evening with these energy efficient lights.

Go Natural for the Décor – You can use eco friendly ideas for your wedding décor. Incase your wedding is outdoors then you can keep you décor to the minimum and take advantage of the outdoor ambience. You can add small décor elements to the venue that will give a personal touch to the wedding and also be eco friendly. You can doll up the buffet table with colorful jars filled with shells, ribbons, dried leaves and confetti. You can decorate the flower vases with left over fabric form your wedding attire, laces and other embellishments from the wedding trousseau.

Choose Eco-friendly Jewellery – Nowadays jewelers are coming up with lovely designs and patterns for eco friendly jewellery. They are called the green bridal collection and are made with sustainable diamonds and recycled gold. You could also remodel your heritage jewellery.

Wedding Dress in Birmingham

First of all, you should know that Birmingham is a major metropolis and it holds the title of the second largest urban area in the entire United Kingdom, meaning that finding a great dress is not as easy as you might initially think.

First thing that you need to focus on is discovering the shape or style that best flatters your body. There are so many different types of gowns for wedding available in the specialized stores, but not all of them look good on any body. Take a look at the different styles and volumes of the gowns and try to imagine yourself in each and every one. It is always best to do this at home, where there is no pressure of others looking at you and expecting you to make a decision fast. Take your time and look at one of the official websites of the companies that sell wedding dresses in Birmingham and make a list of your top favorites.

Birmingham was at the frontline of the Industrial Revolution and by the year of 1791, it had been called “the first manufacturing town in the world”, further proving that there are many factories and clothing companies in the city. However, perhaps it would be better to go to a smaller local boutique for the most personalized service and unique garments. And if that particular store has a wide diversity of garments and pictures of the accessories posted online, then you can definitely know in an instance which dress to choose. Start by looking at the options they offer, continue by choosing a couple personal favorites and then end the searching process by asking for a second opinion from a friend or member of the family. Now, doesn’t that sound like the best way to pick out a dress?

In order to conclude, remember that Birmingham is located in the West Midlands Built-up Area, which ranks third on the list of the most populous built-up areas in the entire United Kingdom, so do not waste your time walking the busy streets where more than 2,000,000 residents meet every day, when you can simply go to the best store for wedding wear if you have previously looked at it online. Regardless if you have the distinctive Brummie dialect and accent or not, you have to choose your dress in the modern Brum way which is by avoiding the crowdedness of the city and looking for your desired style of wedding gown on the web first.

Beach Wedding Invitations

  • Sea shell style invitations – Sea shell style invitations are my favorite because they bring the beach to life. They are accented with real sea shells, raffia and textured sand products where the sliced sea shells add a beautiful and authentic touch to the wedding invitation cards. Even they also seem unique, fun and classic if designed with a pocket fold style.
  • Sandal style invitations – This style invitation is a complete departure from tradition. It is a perfect choice for couples who are having a casual beach wedding. This is still the most elegant and fun style among the beach wedding cards.
  • Ocean style invitations – Ocean style is one of the cool styles that uses fun shapes of waves or seashores in the beach theme. To make this style invitation, you simply have to purchase three different bracket sized cards. Use them in different shapes as we see into the depths of the ocean. You can also use darker or lighter shades of blue to give them an ocean feel.
  • Bamboo pocket fold style invitations – This style of invitation cards shows how classy, unique and modern ceremony you are planning. They are considered as the most glamorous style beach invites when adorned with a black lip oyster shell and ribbon embellishment.
  • Starfish invitations – Starfish is the most popular style in beach invitations which peoples are opting because of the fact that it is a romantic element of the seas that conveys deep and divine love. Moreover, it also includes some essential pieces you will need for your beach wedding or special events.

French Bridal Bouquet

  • The bridal bouquet should look fresh, and with no other ornaments! Color schemes of the flowers could include roses, violets, lilacs, larkspur, and lilies. The bouquet has a rustic look and gives splendid and personal shine to the bride. Till the end of April, you can pick buttercups or forget-me. Starting from May, peonies and sweet peas are blossoming.
  • Crowns are very French now. They should be one-of-a kind headpieces from fresh blossoms, bringing lovely touch to the marriage and bride’s appearance. If you want assortment, decide on flowers with large, medium and small blooms. For example, you could have gardenias, daisies and baby’s breath in the same crown. Even though a florist should take the lead, it could as well be a DIY task. Flower crowns will wilt after a few hours, no matter what type of flowers you make them with. However, some nurseries sell sprays that may keep them looking fresh for a few extra hours.
  • Choosing a florist may start several months before the wedding. Typically, a superior florist is also a talented designer who provides full professional service and can be your guru in marriage event organization. Selecting a florist is not just about flowers. You should walk into their stores, watch them at work, and study both bouquets and table arrangements.
  • Foliage provides texture, extra color, shape and proportion to an arrangement, gives height, width and depth, attractive feathery and pleasant aroma to the bouquet. The foliage has year-round varieties and seasonal types. The year-round varieties are usually short and so can best be used for medium-sized and compact arrangements. Seasonal types are ideal for large displays.
  • Seasonal flowers are the best to achieve budget saving and meantime accomplish fresh and beautiful bouquet which lasts longer than normally. You will end up with extraordinary exposition and color combinations. And they look absolutely rustic and unique.

Enzoani Wedding Dresses

Planning a wedding is probably one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever go through in your life. There is so much to organize and making one error can completely ruin the day. You need to make every decision with care from your wedding dress to the napkins on the tables and where to hold the ceremony to the bank you hire for the night. Everything needs to be written down, ticked off and checked, so when your day starts, you can relax and enjoy.

Remember your wedding is meant to be the most enjoyable, memorable and special day of your life. The last thing you want to do is worry, so ensure you start planning as early as possible.

One of the biggest concerns many brides have is choosing their wedding gown. When they choose Enzoani wedding dresses, one of the biggest worries is whether the gown they purchased is an original or a knock-off. Unfortunately there are a number of online companies that will provide you with copy dresses, which is why you need to visit a reputable bridal store with years of knowledge and experience in the industry, someone who can help you find the perfect Enzoani wedding dress to meet your shape, size and style.

In order to ensure the Enzoani wedding dress you have chosen is an original is to buy from a leading bridal store in your local area. Choose the store based on experience and length of time in business. A bridal store that has been operating for a few weeks is too much of a gamble, try and find a company that has been around for years and has an experienced team who can provide you with the best service and help you find the dress of your dreams, the dress you will feel comfortable wearing as you make your way down the aisle to marry your own “prince charming.”

Enzoani wedding dresses are increasing in popularity. Tis young design company offers quality, style and fit that make their dresses exciting, unique and beautiful. They include a European influence to their designs, combining it with lace and bead work to create spectacular gowns that every bride wants to be seen in on their special day.

Remember that alterations can be made on most Enzoani wedding dresses depending on the fabric and style of the gown. This is a huge benefit, enabling you to try on a wide selection of dresses, including those that aren’t quite the right fit. As long as the dress style won’t be compromised the dress can be altered by the bridal stores in house team to fit you like a glove and provide you with a beautiful silhouette for your magical day.

Ensure you take note of the care instructions on an Enzoani dress. These can only be dry cleaned and cannot be thrown into the washing machine with the rest of your whites. In addition to this, in order to keep the gown in your wardrobe for years to come you need to contact a preservation company who will ensure your dress is ready to be stored. This enables you to keep the gown looking beautiful well after the wedding day.

Ottawa Wedding

In either case, the bride has to make use of architecture, buildings and restaurants to create the much desired atmosphere. In an event of this kind, the atmosphere is what matters most. Here is an idea for a relaxed English wedding. Ottawa has several navigable waterways, which means that any couple could very well host a boat wedding. Instead of going to the restaurant, the bride can hire a boat on Ottawa River, Gatineau River or Rideau River and host a dinner party. You could even hire a band to entertain your guests. Just imagine yourself coming out of the church and heading to the river boat in a white, impressive Ottawa limo, together with your parents and close friends. At the same time, you could choose one of the many wedding trends of a French nature. In this situation, you would have to think of an event that is chic and elegant. Once again, remember to make use of your city. For this plan to work, you would have to look for buildings that enter a particular category, buildings full of architectural details, painted in light colors. A garden wedding in a building of this kind would surely make the front pages of Ottawa wedding magazines. A retreat, located somewhere in the country, could be a great idea.

Of course there are other things you will have to decide upon, from the menu to finding the right limousine in Ottawa or the band. However, these are details, as they derive from the theme of the event. Another tip wedding planners might offer you is regarding the wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. It is advisable to get the costumes from a local store. In case something should go wrong, the dress might need a few modifications, for instance, you can simply resolve the issue by talking with the store’s staff. A wedding is definitely one of the most important events in the life of any couple, so assuming that you will be taking this step once in a lifetime, make the best of it!

Wedding Cake Tradition Started

The Romans supposedly had wheat cakes that were broken over the brides head. This was done to bring fertility to the happy couple. I’d like to see a groom get away with that today. The guests would then pick up the crumbs for good luck.

A later tradition was guests all bringing pieces of cake to the wedding. They were then stacked up on top of each other using something such as applesauce to hold them together. The height of the cake depended on how popular the bride was.

In medieval times; guests brought sweet rolls and stacked them up between the bride and groom. If they were able to kiss over the pile of rolls it was considered good luck. However, the rolls were not always worth eating after being dropped on the floor and stepped on.

For a long time bride’s pie was served at weddings instead of cake. A glass ring was baked into the pie. Whoever found the ring would be the next to marry.

In England cake was often served as part of a wedding breakfast before the ceremony or even the next morning after the wedding.

A French baker finally got tired of pieces of cake sliding on the floor and starting using fillers, columns and icing to hold layers of cake together.

At one time, cakes with tiers were used only by royalty or the very wealthy. One of the first tiered cakes was inspired by St. Brides church on Fleet Street in London. A bakers apprentice, Thomas Rich, created the cake for his own bride.

In the 1800s fruit cakes became popular. These were brought to America and started the wedding cake tradition in the U.S. Part of their popularity was they would last a long time without going bad. This allowed the preparation to begin early.

Groom cakes were created so different flavors could be used instead of just the traditional white cake. It was often made of chocolate and tended to be less traditional than the brides cake.

The wedding topper, of a bride and groom in formalwear, became popular in the 1950s.

Today there are many variations on cake themes, flavors, decorations and toppers.

Venues for Under $500

State Park

If you and your partner-to-be are avid nature enthusiasts, you may want to consider hosting your wedding in one of the Nation’s 59 National Parks. Depending on your location, a State Park could house an intimate wedding of 100 while providing a scenic mountain background. All parks do require couples to obtain a $150 Special Use Permit, however the fees associated with space rental typically run under $50/hr.


Sometimes there really is no place like home, and if you have a large enough backyard, your own space could be easily transformed into one of the perfect wedding venues. Most average homes can accommodate a small-scale wedding of 50 people, however, anything larger might warrant a special permit and a fire safety inspection. The main advantage to having a wedding at home is the simple conversion from ceremony to reception, as well as the guest room for grandma after she’s had one too many.

House of Worship

Traditional weddings can come at low prices if you belong to a church, mosque, or synagogue. Although many large-scale Catholic weddings can exceed well over $1,000, many smaller churches and chapels perform member marriage ceremonies on a small fee or donation-only basis. In addition to affordable pricing, a great benefit to having a traditional wedding is that most churches can also provide reception services as well.

Get Creative

Did you meet your partner in an antique shop? Do you both share an affection for apple picking? Unconventional wedding venues can prove to be both heartfelt and budget friendly. In many cases, storefronts, farms, and local museums will re-open their doors for a small fee. If the wedding party is of a smaller size, Newlyweds may have the ability to utilize the space for a small reception party.

Use Ribbon for Wedding Cakes

One of the most popular designs with wedding cakes at the moment is black and white. This is a simple yet beautiful way to combine the ribbon. The best way to go about using the ribbon is to have your cake completely frosted in either white or black icing. From here you should choose a ribbon (preferably lace) of the opposite colour. This ribbon can then be placed around the edge of the cake to give it that sophisticated look. In some cases lace ribbon is also being used with cupcake designs. Cupcakes are also a trendy choice for weddings, the cupcake itself can be wrapped in the ribbon and will look absolutely gorgeous sitting on top of a cake stand. They are a popular choice because each guest will be able to have their very own cupcake, rather than having to wait around for a slice of cake to be cut for them.

Bows are another trend that can be found when using ribbon for wedding cakes. Again the ribbon is normally in a different colour to that of the frosting. It is simply placed around the bottom of each tier on the cake. Depending on your preference you can include a delicate bow on each tier, or have a massive one that stands out on the very top. Traditionally the ribbon will be placed around the bottom of the tier, but nowadays it is being wrapped around the middle, down the sides and used in a number of different ways. At the end of the day, it is only there to enhance the cake and make the decorations on it pop. Which is why you have creative license to use a ribbon on your wedding cake in a way that you see fit.