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Gown Styles for Beach Weddings

The other area where there could be a difference is in the attire of the bride and groom. A beach wedding may be unsuitable for a typical, old-fashioned or traditional wedding gown with a long train that will likely get entangled in the sand, may get in the lapping of the waves or simply fly about and refuse to stay in place. Designers these days are taking into account these factors while showcasing bridal dress designs for beach weddings; in fact, some have launched separate lines of alluring designs for beach weddings, allowing the destination itself to gain popularity.

In fact, one of the reasons why brides pick out a beach or seaside wedding is the factor that it is a far more relaxing and fun atmosphere to be married in and the wedding gown can be more casual than traditional.

These are some of the popular choices of wedding gowns for a seaside wedding in terms of fabric and style. Traditional whites and ivories besides, pastel shades such as lime green, powder blue, peach pink and soft orange in lace, chiffon, satin, organdie and silk are the best for a beach wedding.

Another area of worry for a bride at a beach wedding is ‘keeping the hair in place’. For longer hair, there is the option of putting the lower half in rollers and setting them to remain in place throughout the ceremony. There is also the style of rolling the tresses into a low bun fixed with a jewel or stone studded clasp. When the bride has short hair, a side-sweep style with the hair fastened behind one ear with a huge flower that is in season completes the seaside look.

Festklänningar inspirerade av celebriteter

Det finns numera en stor mängd kändisevenemang i världen. Det är inte bara Hollywood som kan ståta med kändisar på röda mattan numera. Nej, det finns kändisevenemang och galor över hela världen och de har alla sina egna stilar – de hävdar i alla fall att de har sina egna karaktärer.

Det är ofta på röda mattan som kändisar kan visa upp sig i all sin prakt och det ofta lite oklart om det är det senaste modet som kändisarna bär eller om det kändisarna bär blir det senaste modet därefter.

Mode för festklänningar

Modet för festklänningar har förstås ändrats över åren. 2019 har vi landat i en situation där modet är extremt fritt. Det är numera möjligt att bära nästan vad som helst och det är också okej att kombinera dessa plagg nästan hur som helst. Det samma gäller för accessoarer till festklänningar. Även dessa kan kombineras väldigt fritt och det är inte heller ovanligt att någon av accessoarerna ger uttryck för en uppfattning av något slag.

Hårfärger, smink och tatueringar

Det är inte bara modet för festklänningar som är fritt 2019 utan även hur en person kan förändra sig inför en fest eller annan tillställning. Det är inte alls ovanligt att personer sminkar sig uttrycksfullt, färgar håret för att matcha klänningen på festen eller skaffar sig tatueringar för att ge uttryck för någonting. Allt detta är någonting relativt nytt och bryter skarpt mot tidigare års trender som mest handlade om festklänningarnas form och färg.

Framtiden för festklänningar och kändismode

Var kommer detta fria mode då leda oss framöver? Vi kan för det första på goda grunder anta att modet kommer att förändras. Vi kan också på goda grunder anta att det återigen kommer att komma en period av relativt lugn då modet återigen blir mer konservativt och knyter an till tidigare epoker.

Varför kan vi vara så säkra på detta? Jo det beror på att det alltid har varit så med mode. Det går åt ett håll, når någon slags slutstation för att sedan återigen svänga tillbaka åt andra hållet till dess att en ändpunkt nås även där.

Var köpa festklänningar

Festklänningar kan du numer med fördel köpa online. Det finns en enorm mängd bra platser att köpa klänningar och accessoarer på online. JJ’s House är ett av de företag som säljer festklänningar, herrmode, accessoarer och annat som passar alldeles utmärkt för fester och andra tillställningar. De har en enormt väl utbyggd avdelning för mode och trender så du kan vara säker på att du kommer att få något som fungerar bra.


När vi sammanfattar hur festklänningar inspireras av celebriteter kan vi konstatera att modet är fritt och att det finns många sätt att uttrycka det på. Vi kan också konstatera att det är oklart om kändisarna bär moderiktiga klänningar eller om de klänningar som kändisarna bär blir moderiktiga därefter. En sak som vi är helt säkra på dock är att ingenting när det gäller mode är beständigt så var beredd på nya trender.

Wedding Prep

  1. The guest list – you have a big social circle and love to have everyone around you, but when it’s wedding time, prioritize. Cut down on unnecessary guests; friends of friends, your friends; bridesmaid that you used to hang out with once upon a time, etc. This will automatically lower your catering costs and other related costs.
  2. Digital Invites – everyone these days is social media savvy, so instead of having your save-the-date cards printed and mailed through post, email them. This will save you time, effort and money. Also, it will help your guests to respond to RSVP more easily.
  3. Wedding favors – choose wedding favors that are under a dollar. Also, think of practical options such as edibles including chocolate coated coffee beans, mini honey jars, cookies, etc. If you think “usability” while picking your wedding favors, you will find inexpensive ones and, your guests will love!
  4. Skip the Florist – even though the florist will give you a flawless and effortless flower arrangement for your wedding venue, you can do the same in less than half the cost. Buy fresh flowers from a farm, or a local flower shop.
  5. Go with the DJ – pick a DJ instead of a band for your wedding reception. Hiring a DJ will cost you a few hundred dollars, nearly 70% less than the cost of hiring a band. In addition, a DJ can play your favorite songs, and those that your loved ones are more familiar with, which will make them feel more comfortable and important too.
  6. Serve appetizers – forget the main course and serve a variety of finger foods. Your guests will love the variety while you can enjoy having saved on a big chunk of catering costs. As long as the appetizers taste great and tantalize your taste buds, it’s all good!
  7. Cut the Champagne – cut out the champagne from the list and make your costs come to the ground. Serve fresh juices to keep the guests happy and energetic. In addition, serving alcohol has its own cons; you may have to drive home a guest who is too drunk to drive back.
  8. Choose an off day – choosing off peak days or hours is a great way to keep your wedding budget under control. If you choose a restaurant or café for a wedding reception on off day or off peak hours, then the caterer or owner can give you good discounts. Talk to the person in charge for lower per head rates and save money.

Red Bridesmaid Dresses

Red colour is the best

It is often seen that most of the brides love to wear a dress that looks better on other. Remember while choosing a colour for your dress, you need to keep your skin complexion in view. For instance, if you have a dark skin then you aren’t supposed to choose red bridesmaid dress. Red colour is best suit on women with fair skin. However, it doesn’t mean that women with dark skin cannot use red colours. They can also use red coloured dresses but they have to use some accessories to match it perfectly on them. It means that if you are a girl with dark skin, you need to choose some other colours accessories that can be used along with your red bridesmaid dress.


It is often seen that most of the women like to choose wedding dresses that are in vogue. However, fashion is certainly the main point to consider while choosing a dress for your special event but you can also select classic designs dresses. While choosing red bridesmaid dresses, you need to focus on your test. It means that if you love classic style dresses, you can go with them, and if you love latest dresses in fashion, you can simply choose them. In short it totally depends on you which type style of dress you would like to choose for your special day.


Perfect First Song

Pick a Song That Is Easy to Dance Too

Again, this comes down to find a song that is appropriate. Some songs are made for singing along too, some are made for relaxing and others are made for dancing. Try and find one of the latter. A great way to do this is when deciding upon a song, try and practice some traditional ballroom steps around the room with your fiancé and see what works best!

Don’t Make it Too Long

Unless you are a professionally trained dancer, I’m sure none of your guests will want to see your dancing go on for too long. Make sure you pick a song that is under 3 minutes as dragging it on for any longer will increase the chances of something going completely wrong!

Hire a Wedding Band to Play it

The wedding DJ has become a bit of a cliché in recent years, and has been overtaken by the wedding band. This is a bit more expensive, but will make for a memorable experience for everyone involved. Most wedding bands are experienced session musicians so will be able to play most songs you require.

Most Important, have fun!

Even if you choose the perfect song, it will all count for nothing if you don’t look like you are having a good time during your first dance! Just try and relax and don’t worry too much if you aren’t the best dancers, just try and have a laugh and look like you are enjoying yourself; It is you wedding day after all! If you look like you are having fun, then your guests will be more inclined to have a good time, and everything should go smoothly!

Caribbean Wedding

Named after St Lucy of Syracuse, the island of St Lucia is number one on the popularity list. From the unspoilt miles of beaches with their endless sandy shores, to the Piton Mountains surrounded by amazingly blue waters, you really can have the nuptial event of your dreams on St Lucia. The island mountainous and covered in rain forests (far more so than its neighbours) and it is a prime choice for romantic couples, so everywhere you go you can be assured of the best possible facilities and services for your big day. This will leave you free to focus on other things, like relaxing with your family, guests, and new partner.

Less mountainous than nearby St Lucia, Barbados is another top contender for weddings. Caribbean weather is generally very hot, but if you choose to get married here, Barbados has over 70 miles of blissful beaches for you to get your feet wet and escape the heat.

With plenty of waterfront options, you can have your event right beside the water. If you prefer, you can look into tying the knot somewhere in the interior of the island near one of the stunning nature preserves. You could even head offshore for a ceremony on board a boat, then head ashore for a Barbadian reception to remember – with some of the world’s tastiest rum! If you’re staying on for your honeymoon (and why wouldn’t you?) there is a variety of historical sites to visit, where you can learn more about the culture and history of the island.

With a prolific nutmeg and mace production, Grenada is often called the “island of spice”, and if you choose this lovely destination for your big day, it can certainly add a touch of the exotic to weddings. Caribbean islands all offer stunning coastlines and beautiful waters, but Grenada might just offer that little bit more – according to the locals! There are a number of secluded beaches that can make splendid places for a ceremony, or you can also head inland and use the dramatic backdrop of a waterfall at Annandale Falls, Concord or Royal Mt. Carmel. If you want your big day to be dripping with pure luxury, then you might choose to have your ceremony and reception at one of the luxurious hotels, which occupy prime locations with views over the white and sweeping beaches.

Four Great Seasonal Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

It is a lovely feeling when that wedding invitation arrives, but it can be quickly be followed by some panic over what to wear. It’s important to match the outfit to the season, so here are some tips on how to do that.

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Warm and Summery

For summer weddings, you can never go wrong with beautiful florals and light pastel fabrics. This is where you can show off legs with strappy sandals and break out that fascinator you have been dying to wear. Don’t get too matchy but aim for your accessories to complement the outfit and perhaps add a dash of contrast.

Bold prints also work well for warm-weather nuptials, but when picking bright wedding guest dresses, beware of over-accessorizing. Let the print do the hard work and complete it with simple drop earrings and a quality bag. For weddings in the UK, it is always best to be prepared with an umbrella and perhaps a shawl for draughty churches.

Dark and Cozy

Winter wedding dressing is quite different. Now you can opt for deep colors, richer fabrics and more elaborate tailoring. Well-cut jackets and pencil skirts with glossy high heels are all appropriate for a dressy celebration in the colder months. You can accessories with gloves and beautiful scarves and wraps.

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Then there are weddings that may be held in barns or at ice rinks, for which less formal clothing would be required. The happy couple might also choose a themed wedding, in which case you may need to figure out how to dress like a character from Game of Thrones. For more on themed weddings, see this report in The Guardian.

Picking out wedding guest dresses can be a lot of fun. If you shop for wedding guest dresses at AX Paris, you will have a wonderful selection of chic looks to choose from and the prices will be extremely competitive.

Above all, a wedding is an occasion to dress up, feel happy and have fun. Pick a dress that suits you, fits in with the kind of wedding you are going to, and in which you will feel attractive and comfortable. Then add some stylish accessories and a big smile and you should be ready to join in with all the festivities and congratulate the lucky couple.

Pull Off Plus Size Mermaid Dresses

If you do want to wear a mermaid style, it is important that you choose the right undergarments to go with the dress. This is especially true if you are looking at plus size mermaid wedding dresses. Because these designs are so form fitting, if you are not wearing the correct (properly fitting) underwear, you could end up looking “lumpy” or you could develop unsightly rolls which will not look sexy. Choosing the right underwear to wear under your gown will help you to feel more confident. The best choice for plus size women is an all in one undergarment, which will offer support and shape. You may also want to wear an additional slip over your underwear, because this will help to hide the pant lines.

For plus size ladies with a larger bust, mermaid dresses with straps or sleeves are a good idea, because this will help to support your bust properly. Strapless gowns may not stay up properly, and you could end up having an embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction”. If you have a smaller bust, strapless gowns can help to accentuate your figure. If you have larger hips or a fuller bottom, it is essential that you do where a slip as well to protect you from the unsightly bulges associated with visible panty lines. The dress will be tightest over this area, and the lines will show if you do not take action. Remember that people will be looking at your back for part of the ceremony.

Interesting Places to Get Married in the UK

Tunnels Beach Weddings, Devon

A beach wedding might seem more suited to the tropical climes of the Caribbean but Tunnels Beach in Devon offers a beautiful beach location to tie the knot. Even the weather can’t stop a wedding here, as there is a stylish function room overlooking the sea that will protect your guests from the ever-changing British weather. Tucked away in a private cove, there are stunning views and amazing sunsets that will make the perfect backdrop for you special day. There is even a resident seal that is known to show up on the shore during a wedding!

Mussenden Temple, Londonderry

What could be more impressive that a Cliffside temple for your wedding? This amazing location was originally built 1785 and forms part of the estate of the 4th Earl of Bristol. It stands solitary on the edge of the cliff, and offers a fantastic view of the sea. Perfect for anyone who has an eye for history!

The Underground Cavern, Somerset

For people who like a bit of drama, this venue will see your wedding take place deep beneath the countryside surrounded by clear pools and rock formations. For those who don’t want just a traditional church wedding, this could be perfect, with ancient rock formations and soft candle light creating a truly magical mood.

Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth

I think most of us dream about getting married on our own private island, but this must seem a million miles off from reality. However, it’s actually only a few miles off the coast of Portsmouth, with Spitbank Fort offering you the chance to rent out their private sea fort for your wedding! Originally built to protect the coast from Napoleon III, this converted fort offers luxury accommodation with panoramic views of the Solent.

Make Wedding Eco Friendly

An Outdoor Wedding – Instead of having your wedding at a banquet hall or a lavish hotel you could have it outdoors at a farm house or a green patch in the country side. It would make for a romantic setting and save on all the electricity that would be consumed in an indoor wedding.

Recycle Paper for Invitations – You could send out your wedding invitations on recycled paper. Now days there are many great options for recycled paper with a plethora of choice in colours, font and textures- perfect for the eco- friendly person in you. Or you could send e-invites. Select a fancy e-invite that showcases your wedding theme.

Organic Mehendi – Decorating hands and feet with intricate designs is a cultural heritage in most Hindu weddings. Mehendi used to be made out of natural ingredients in olden days but with advanced technology now we have chemical laiden henna that gives fast results but is harmful for the skin. Ensure that on your special day you opt for organic powdered form of mehendi that you can make into a paste yourself.

Solar (Tea) Lights – Candlelight is considered to be romantic and intimate so why not make your wedding day a romantic affair with solar tea lights. They would not only up your green quotient but also add a romantic touch to your special day. So get set to have a recharged evening with these energy efficient lights.

Go Natural for the Décor – You can use eco friendly ideas for your wedding décor. Incase your wedding is outdoors then you can keep you décor to the minimum and take advantage of the outdoor ambience. You can add small décor elements to the venue that will give a personal touch to the wedding and also be eco friendly. You can doll up the buffet table with colorful jars filled with shells, ribbons, dried leaves and confetti. You can decorate the flower vases with left over fabric form your wedding attire, laces and other embellishments from the wedding trousseau.

Choose Eco-friendly Jewellery – Nowadays jewelers are coming up with lovely designs and patterns for eco friendly jewellery. They are called the green bridal collection and are made with sustainable diamonds and recycled gold. You could also remodel your heritage jewellery.