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Four Great Seasonal Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

It is a lovely feeling when that wedding invitation arrives, but it can be quickly be followed by some panic over what to wear. It’s important to match the outfit to the season, so here are some tips on how to do that.

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Warm and Summery

For summer weddings, you can never go wrong with beautiful florals and light pastel fabrics. This is where you can show off legs with strappy sandals and break out that fascinator you have been dying to wear. Don’t get too matchy but aim for your accessories to complement the outfit and perhaps add a dash of contrast.

Bold prints also work well for warm-weather nuptials, but when picking bright wedding guest dresses, beware of over-accessorizing. Let the print do the hard work and complete it with simple drop earrings and a quality bag. For weddings in the UK, it is always best to be prepared with an umbrella and perhaps a shawl for draughty churches.

Dark and Cozy

Winter wedding dressing is quite different. Now you can opt for deep colors, richer fabrics and more elaborate tailoring. Well-cut jackets and pencil skirts with glossy high heels are all appropriate for a dressy celebration in the colder months. You can accessories with gloves and beautiful scarves and wraps.

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Then there are weddings that may be held in barns or at ice rinks, for which less formal clothing would be required. The happy couple might also choose a themed wedding, in which case you may need to figure out how to dress like a character from Game of Thrones. For more on themed weddings, see this report in The Guardian.

Picking out wedding guest dresses can be a lot of fun. If you shop for wedding guest dresses at AX Paris, you will have a wonderful selection of chic looks to choose from and the prices will be extremely competitive.

Above all, a wedding is an occasion to dress up, feel happy and have fun. Pick a dress that suits you, fits in with the kind of wedding you are going to, and in which you will feel attractive and comfortable. Then add some stylish accessories and a big smile and you should be ready to join in with all the festivities and congratulate the lucky couple.