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Make Wedding Eco Friendly

An Outdoor Wedding – Instead of having your wedding at a banquet hall or a lavish hotel you could have it outdoors at a farm house or a green patch in the country side. It would make for a romantic setting and save on all the electricity that would be consumed in an indoor wedding.

Recycle Paper for Invitations – You could send out your wedding invitations on recycled paper. Now days there are many great options for recycled paper with a plethora of choice in colours, font and textures- perfect for the eco- friendly person in you. Or you could send e-invites. Select a fancy e-invite that showcases your wedding theme.

Organic Mehendi – Decorating hands and feet with intricate designs is a cultural heritage in most Hindu weddings. Mehendi used to be made out of natural ingredients in olden days but with advanced technology now we have chemical laiden henna that gives fast results but is harmful for the skin. Ensure that on your special day you opt for organic powdered form of mehendi that you can make into a paste yourself.

Solar (Tea) Lights – Candlelight is considered to be romantic and intimate so why not make your wedding day a romantic affair with solar tea lights. They would not only up your green quotient but also add a romantic touch to your special day. So get set to have a recharged evening with these energy efficient lights.

Go Natural for the Décor – You can use eco friendly ideas for your wedding décor. Incase your wedding is outdoors then you can keep you décor to the minimum and take advantage of the outdoor ambience. You can add small décor elements to the venue that will give a personal touch to the wedding and also be eco friendly. You can doll up the buffet table with colorful jars filled with shells, ribbons, dried leaves and confetti. You can decorate the flower vases with left over fabric form your wedding attire, laces and other embellishments from the wedding trousseau.

Choose Eco-friendly Jewellery – Nowadays jewelers are coming up with lovely designs and patterns for eco friendly jewellery. They are called the green bridal collection and are made with sustainable diamonds and recycled gold. You could also remodel your heritage jewellery.