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Plan a Backwater Wedding in Kerala

Wedding Event: The wedding can be planned by the couple themselves; however, it is advisable to hire a wedding planner because it requires a lot of research and planning in hosting a backwater wedding. Depending on the budget, a backwater wedding can be organized either in a simple or a lavish manner. It can be a modest beach party or a grand ballroom reception. Also, it can either be a private affair with few close friends and family or it can be a big lavish matrimony in Kerala with a large number of guests.

Wedding themes: The backwater wedding can be based on either a western or a traditional Kerala theme. You can arrange for a traditional welcome with “Thalapoli” or traditionally-dressed girls with garlands and welcome lamps. Given that backwaters are a very popular wedding venue, you can get easy access to florists, sound providers, videographers, decorators, etc. Kerala is known for its elephants, and you can easily arrange for a few at the wedding. If you are opting for a traditional style marriage, a few decorated elephants can provide a memorable experience for the guests. You can even arrange for performances by local folk dancers.

Pick a Wedding Limousine

Go and inspect your car before you pay a deposit. Make sure they appear to be clean and well presented inside and out. They should have no signs of excessive wear and tear, other than minor day to day signs. Pick up a champagne flute and ensure they are clean!

Make sure the wedding car is registered, and inquire whether they are licenced by the local licencing authority to do weddings. There should probably be a valid permit or sticker on the windscreen in most instances.

Make sure your car is fitted with functioning air conditioning. Some older cars don’t have it, or it will only be effective up to mildly warm temperatures. Thereafter you may be sweating all day!

A competent company will provide ribbon for your car, a bottle of champagne (where legally allowed) chilled water and perhaps interior decoration such as flowers and tulle. Exceptional ones will also have an emergency haberdashery kit for last minute repairs, Bandaids, Panadol and hair clips or ties.

Pay a minimal deposit. If they want 50% or 100% up front, be cautious. You stand to lose a substantial amount. 20% is a more reasonable amount,

Survive a Winter Wedding

Make sure you have an early ceremony

When you have a wedding in winter you need to take into consideration the fact that the amount of daylight in a day is limited. Therefore it is suggested that you look at planning the ceremony so that it is as early in the day has possible, which will ensure that there is enough available light for great photographs.

Choose the wedding venue carefully

Always check that the venue you plan to have your wedding at will not mean that your guests have to linger outside. Appreciate that your guests will want to be inside where it is warm and dry.

Brides need to invest in a warm jacket!

It is not nice hanging around outside in the cold but sometimes when it comes to the photography it is a necessity. The winter scenery should be taken advantage of but you will need to invest in a good jacket to ensure that you stay warm at any point where you need to be outside.

Also don’t forget about the outfits that you choose for your bridesmaids. Warm elegant dresses will ensure they are all comfortable

Surprise Bachelorette Party

  1. Step #1. You need to pick a date for the party. The bride can be included in the planning as long as it is not a surprise to her. If it is a surprise, you have to make sure that she’s available on that day. It doesn’t make sense to have the party on a night that she can’t attend.
  2. Step #2. Find out who the women are in the wedding party. They will be involved in the plans so you need to know who they are. You also want to include the mothers of the bride and groom so they won’t be excluded. Find out who else the bride wants to invite so no one will be left out.
  3. Step #3. Come up with a theme that is suitable for the bride as well as the guests. Sex themed parties may not be appropriate for everyone so you need to think of the bride and the guests when you plan the event. If the bride isn’t into erotic things, you can treat her to a day at the spa. You can also take her to a fancy restaurant or to a club to celebrate as

Buy and Send Wedding Invites

The guest list needs to be made before invitations can be ordered. Do not simply count how many people are on the guest list because too many invitations will be ordered. Each couple or family should be counted as one invitation. Consider how much each person will cost at the reception before inviting everyone the couple has ever met.

Price can be a consideration when ordering invitations, especially if there are many guests invited. Each invitation is a keepsake and almost considered barter for gifts from the guests. Therefore, brides should not go for the bottom dollar, low quality invitation. There should be some quality in the invitation while keeping it affordable.

Look for invitation creation companies that offer other services along with their high quality invitations. Make sure they include envelopes for free with the order. Any part of the invitation design should be altered for free. See if the company offers free shipping, even if it is conditional.

It takes time to print invitations and have them shipped. It can take as little as two weeks and as much as six weeks. It could take an additional two weeks to address, stamp, and

Comparing Wedding Venues

You should first think about the location. Unless you want a destination wedding, the location should be fairly close to you, such as in your city or the next. If the drive would take an hour or more, you might want to get a block of hotel rooms for you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Otherwise, you will have to worry about everyone arriving on time and then making the long drive back after a busy day. Be sure to factor lodging into your expenses in this case, since it is customary to pay for at least a portion of the hotel costs for your bridal party. In this way, you might find that it is easier and cheaper to pick a venue that is closer to your house.

Your next thought, as you browse wedding venues, should be whether you can choose your own vendors and services, or if you have to go through those that the location provides. Many locations that host weddings will require you to purchase a package from them that includes catering, photography, flowers, music, and more. If you do not have much time to choose each vendor on your own, this

Types Of Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace appliqué

Here the decorative lace detail is sewn to the base fabric such as netting or tulle. This style is an excellent way of incorporating the romance of the lace into your wedding day look. The appliqué can be over the bridal gown or be concentrated on other areas such as skirt, neckline, or bodice.

Long lace sleeves

They are great in hiding the tops of arms thus ideal for those who aren’t comfortable with the look of their arms. To be able to pull off great moves on the dance floor, you should ensure that the lace isn’t too restrictive. As rule of thumb you should go for a lace fabric that provides you with a bit of stretch.

Lace overlays

These are outfits that have a top layer of lace on them. While most of the layers are permanent, there are some that are removable thus you are able to transform your wedding outfit the way you want.

How to clean your lace dress

Lace tends to stain easily especially when it’s cleaned the wrong way. Due to this, it’s paramount that you learn how to properly clean

Alternative Wedding Day Transport

Transportation has to be one of the toughest questions a bride-to-be can answer because after all the months or even years of planning there will be a point where you will finally arrive on the day and all of your closest friends and family will be waiting for you to see how beautiful you look in your wedding dress.

Now traditionally you have a few options; hire an executive car such as a Mercedes S Class, hire a vintage car such as a 132 Morris Isis, become a fairy-tale princess and arrive by horse-drawn carriage or alternatively borrow your dads Jaguar for the afternoon.

While these modes of transport can be grand and impressive on the eye, on a day where anything is possible they lack a bit of originality. You need to arrive in style…

Arriving by private helicopter is the ultimate way to arrive to your wedding or reception and will definitely impress your camera wielding guests. The good news is hiring a private helicopter for your wedding is now more accessible and reasonably priced than you would think (depending on your budget of course!).

From as little as £650 you and

Wedding at a Golf Resort

Destination wedding have become popular in recent years. There is certainly something romantic about exchanging vows on your favorite mountaintop, beach, or cable car. The entire theme for the day can be built around the flavor of the location you choose. Many couples have a country that is significant to them because of their ethnic heritage or a trip they’ve taken. Sharing that with family and friends on their special day is a wonderful gesture.

For those who don’t wish to travel for their big day, there are other suitable locations. A couple that enjoys outdoor adventures doesn’t have to go to a mountaintop to get married. They can choose a local park, field, or other green space right in their own community. With the right set up, an outdoor space can evoke the romance of mountain climbing in the Alps.

To keep the festivities a little closer to sea level, you might want to try a venue with a waterfront view. A beach wedding has an outdoor flair with a casual feel that might be just your style. Other water-related settings include a marina or town dock. Some towns have a municipal space with a

Wedding Registry

Gift giving is a way for family and friends to celebrate the couple’s union and help them stock their new home. Couples can take the guesswork out of gift buying and increase their odds of receiving exactly what they desire. Engaged couples can feel free to register for whatever it will take to make their new house a home; be it china, crystal, appliances, or electronics.

It is understandable that young couples who are looking forward to starting a family would anticipate receiving gifts that would assist them in this endeavor; however, in a recent census report statistics show that more and more Americans are waiting longer to get married.

Research indicates that the average age now for women marrying for the first time is 27.1, and for men the average age for first time marriage is 29.1. What this ultimately means is that by the time couples decide they are ready to “tie the knot” each has already established a home filled with all the necessities for living a comfortable life.

So what is the appropriate gift for a couple that will already have two of everything? Some believe that etiquette frowns on a

Achieve a Dazzling Wedding Smile

When you think ahead and consider the many hundreds of wedding photographs that will be taken on the day – not just by your professional photographer, but by everyone who has a smart phone or a camera – there will be a lot of evidence of your big day! There is no doubt that teeth whitening gives people confidence to be able to smile more, and many brides and groom today are adding it to their list of pre-wedding treatments as standard.

Bespoke wedding gowns are, naturally, often white – so seeing a less than white smile on the smiling bride can often highlight the problem. In some cases, if a bride doesn’t feel confident enough she may not even smile as much as she should on the day – and this will reflect in the quality of the images.

By booking ahead to ensure your dentist is available at the right time, the whitening process can become part of your wedding planning. You will probably have arranged to meet with your dentist to have a check-up or have your hygienist thoroughly clean your teeth before the big day, so why not simply add in the

Using Paper Flowers in Theme

A lot of bridal bouquets have a mixture of different flowers and different colors. So you can use one or two of the egg carton flowers and surround it with some tissue paper flowers.

Add a couple of origami flowers to the mix and you can create a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet.

Then whatever colors you’ve used in your bouquet, make each of the bridesmaids slightly different. The bouquets for the bridesmaids can match their dresses. Mix up the flowers that are in their bouquets and change up the arrangement, and each bridesmaid will have a different but coordinated bouquet of her own.

A great way to figure out how to make different paper flowers is to take a walk through the silk flowers at a local department or craft store. You can see how the layers of silk are arranged in the different flowers, then go home and copy the design using your paper.

And you can use just about any type of paper too. I helped my cousin make coffee filter flowers, both roses and carnations, for her bridal shower centerpieces.

If you’re really good with origami, you can make some origami

Wear Different Wedding Dresses

Full ball-gown

The full ball-gown wedding dress is an attention-grabber and statement-maker. The outfit maintains its shape as a result of hoops that are sewn into the crinolin or the gown itself. The hoops make the dress have the full shape.

While the hoops are great as they give the outfit an elegant look, they can work against you by making the dress ugly and uncomfortable to wear.

To avoid this, you should ensure that your outfit is made like the bombast. This means that the dress shouldn’t have any hoops thus you won’t have masses of crinolin twisting around the knees and calves. It will also be very comfortable to sit in.

Slinky dress

The outfit was designed to hug and emphasize a woman’s curves. For ideal results when wearing the outfit, you should wear a good bra. You should also wear a satin slip under the gown. The slip plays a major role in preventing lumps and bumps from interfering with the sleek lines.

You should ensure that the slip is fitted so that it doesn’t bunch under the gown.

Music Wedding Package

Getting the Space

Getting an ideal space for your wedding is a must and should be key in selecting an ideal wedding package. Additional spaces such as outdoor space or a patio linked to the actual hall can also be gotten in some venues. You might even want to try negotiating for bigger halls with some companies.

Getting What You Need

You need to be clear on your specific requirements when it comes to food, decorations and bartenders. It is your special day after all, and communicating what all you desire on your special day is of essence. Getting a wedding package which does not suit to your tastes and likings is going to be useless and not to forget, a complete waste of money. Apart from the usual wedding details, you would also want to include a professional wedding photographer and a DJ in your list of essential things.

Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer might not be included in your wedding package. Therefore you would have to hire one externally. Keep in mind that a wedding photographer will be responsible for providing you with your wedding memories so choose one wisely.

Make a Large Paper Flower


  • 10 sheets of Card-stock in your choice of colour.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and a Hot Glue gun.
  • One Styrofoam ball in size of your choice.
  • Jewels to stick on ball for the centre. (pre-adhesive jewels are best)
  • Additional paper (any type) to create centres. (I used muffin cups)
  • A circle cut out of Bristol board or thick card-stock about 6 inches in diameter.

The Flower Shape:

  1. Step 1: Using the 10 sheets of cardstock fold as follows. Leave 6 sheets regular size. Fold 3 sheets in half once. Fold 1 sheet in half twice.
  2. Step 2: Using the shape of your choice draw then cut out petals in each set of folded papers. You want each size of paper to have the same shape. Cut a small slit at the centre bottom of the straight edge side of each petal. There should be 6 large, 6 medium, and 4 small sized petals of similar shapes. You can go to nature for the shape you’d like, for example you can use a heart shape.
  3. Step 3: Using the slit you created in the bottom edge place hot glue in the bottom corner of one side of the slit. Slightly

Accessorizing Wedding Dress

Add Color

Traditional wedding dresses are white; however, you shouldn’t be scared of adding a splash of color in order to accessorize it. For example, you should go for colored gemstones or pearls. You can also add bold accents such as colored sashes or appliqués to the dress. Adding color gives the outfit a unique look.

Make Use of Complementary Accents

To avoid looking just like everyone else you should avoid sticking to gemstones or sequins for bridal accessories. To be unique you should mix different kinds of accents. For example, you can mix white pearls with clear crystals. When mixing the accents ensure that they are complementary. This is to prevent you from looking like a disorganized mess.

Have a Personal Style

As mentioned, accessories are the best ways of breaking tradition. To feel good during your big day you should unleash your inner self with your accessories. For example, if you like butterflies you should wear butterfly jewelry. You should also wear butterfly hair pieces.

Points to Note

While it’s good to add accessories to your wedding dress, you need to consider a number of things. One of the

Budget for Wedding Cake

Now that you know how much a cake costs on average, it is important to discuss how vital a cake is to your wedding! Why are you getting the cake? This will help you understand how much you would be required to spend on the cake. Below, for example are two purposes the cakes can serve, and your options

For showcase cakes, it is important for them to have a good height. How high it would be, depends on the number of guests you would be having. There are a few options for showcase cakes. First, if you are not planning on feeding your wedding cake to your guests, then you could consider dummy cakes, which can be made according to your theme or rented if you can find one that is suitable. This would be the least costly option obviously.

If your cake is going to feed your guests, you would need a real cake! But it does not necessarily have to be the entire wedding cake. You could get a dummy and have the real cake served separately to your guests. This option might require less financial commitment depending on the bakery you choose.

Vishwakarma Weddings

Every state has its own customary trend in terms of food, attire, culture and even among various intrastate dialects and sects – there are varied customary delights which are worth mentioning of and being proud of – for the color of life and vigor they emit.

Though the northern part for the country has always been in the limelight one should be reminded that the southern zone of India is no lesser colorful and vivid with its traditional dresses, food, rituals and customs.

Be it a ritual of the Brahmin Tamils or the Kerala Nairs or the Vishwakarmas – who are equally spread in the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala – with their concentration in Kerala quite good in number.

Vishwakarmas in Kerala is considered a community that is very distinctive in terms of its own culture and traditions, right from its cultural divisions to its ceremonial rituals.
For example, coming to a typical Vishwakarma wedding, there are customs and rituals enriched and dipped in rich traditions and ancient cultural touch. Vishwakarma matrimony is quite different in nature to any other kind of wedding for its own unique rites and rituals.

Suffolk Wedding

Planning a wedding in Ipswich

Ipswich is served by two major roads, A12 and A14, along with great connections to two airports. There is a well-connected rail station in the town centre that offers regular trains to and from Greater London, Liverpool and surrounding areas. So wherever your guest’s come from, you can be rest assured that they will be able to access any of the beautiful wedding venues in Suffolk.

Wedding Hotels, Ipswich

The luxury of choosing wedding venues in Suffolk, like Wedding Inn, is that they’ll give you an extensive deal, excellent service, wedding caterers, and nighttime afterparties.

Ipswich carries an exceptional number of large hotels along with classic country manors for you to select from. Moreover, many of them have personal wedding coordinators, who will make sure that your day runs as smoothly as possible. Therefore you can sit back and enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Hintlesham Corridor Inn

For a grand country marriage look no further than the Hintlesham Corridor Inn, Ipswich. This specific Rank 1 Stated Manor Property is placed within breath-taking gardens. They offer a vast selection of wedding packages including the, ‘Gainsborough

Wedding Dresses Are Flattering

The reason why A line wedding dresses are able to flatter so many different body types is because they can be designed in very different ways, so that they are able to accentuate certain body part whilst hiding others. For example, if the flare of the dress starts at the waist, it can help your stomach to look smaller. If the flare starts around the upper hip, it can flatter the thighs and hips. This means that you can choose an A line design which suits your specific body shape. The detailing which is on the cinched section can also help to draw the eye to certain aspects of your figure which you want to highlight.

A line outfits are not figure hugging all the way down, therefore many people feel more comfortable wearing them than some other types of dress. For example, mermaid style outfits tend to hug the figure from the top down to below the knees, and some people may not feel confident enough about their body to wear one. Choosing a dress which allows you to feel beautiful and confident is one of the most important things you can do on your wedding