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Perfect First Song

Pick a Song That Is Easy to Dance Too

Again, this comes down to find a song that is appropriate. Some songs are made for singing along too, some are made for relaxing and others are made for dancing. Try and find one of the latter. A great way to do this is when deciding upon a song, try and practice some traditional ballroom steps around the room with your fiancé and see what works best!

Don’t Make it Too Long

Unless you are a professionally trained dancer, I’m sure none of your guests will want to see your dancing go on for too long. Make sure you pick a song that is under 3 minutes as dragging it on for any longer will increase the chances of something going completely wrong!

Hire a Wedding Band to Play it

The wedding DJ has become a bit of a cliché in recent years, and has been overtaken by the wedding band. This is a bit more expensive, but will make for a memorable experience for everyone involved. Most wedding bands are experienced session musicians so will be able to play most songs you require.

Most Important, have fun!

Even if you choose the perfect song, it will all count for nothing if you don’t look like you are having a good time during your first dance! Just try and relax and don’t worry too much if you aren’t the best dancers, just try and have a laugh and look like you are enjoying yourself; It is you wedding day after all! If you look like you are having fun, then your guests will be more inclined to have a good time, and everything should go smoothly!