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Pick a Wedding Limousine

Go and inspect your car before you pay a deposit. Make sure they appear to be clean and well presented inside and out. They should have no signs of excessive wear and tear, other than minor day to day signs. Pick up a champagne flute and ensure they are clean!

Make sure the wedding car is registered, and inquire whether they are licenced by the local licencing authority to do weddings. There should probably be a valid permit or sticker on the windscreen in most instances.

Make sure your car is fitted with functioning air conditioning. Some older cars don’t have it, or it will only be effective up to mildly warm temperatures. Thereafter you may be sweating all day!

A competent company will provide ribbon for your car, a bottle of champagne (where legally allowed) chilled water and perhaps interior decoration such as flowers and tulle. Exceptional ones will also have an emergency haberdashery kit for last minute repairs, Bandaids, Panadol and hair clips or ties.

Pay a minimal deposit. If they want 50% or 100% up front, be cautious. You stand to lose a substantial amount. 20% is a more reasonable amount, with the balance payable in the week before the wedding.

If you are booking for an extended time, ask if you can bring a plate of sandwiches or sushi or snacks to tie your wedding party over.

Ensure your chauffeur is going to be neatly groomed and presented in uniform or suit and tie!

If you want red carpet, ask for it! None of these items should cost you any more above your existing quote.

If you need transfers after the wedding, ask your limo provider. If they do not offer this service, they should be able to make recommendations.

If the stretch does not have a fifth door or bridal door, you may be entering the car next to the rear wheel. Ensure the driver has a wheel cover to protect you and your bridesmaids dresses from tyre black when entering and exiting the car.

Lastly, call the limousine company a week before your booking and confirm the details. On the day of your wedding, get your bridesmaid or best man to ring 1st thing and re-confirm.