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Plan a Backwater Wedding in Kerala

Wedding Event: The wedding can be planned by the couple themselves; however, it is advisable to hire a wedding planner because it requires a lot of research and planning in hosting a backwater wedding. Depending on the budget, a backwater wedding can be organized either in a simple or a lavish manner. It can be a modest beach party or a grand ballroom reception. Also, it can either be a private affair with few close friends and family or it can be a big lavish matrimony in Kerala with a large number of guests.

Wedding themes: The backwater wedding can be based on either a western or a traditional Kerala theme. You can arrange for a traditional welcome with “Thalapoli” or traditionally-dressed girls with garlands and welcome lamps. Given that backwaters are a very popular wedding venue, you can get easy access to florists, sound providers, videographers, decorators, etc. Kerala is known for its elephants, and you can easily arrange for a few at the wedding. If you are opting for a traditional style marriage, a few decorated elephants can provide a memorable experience for the guests. You can even arrange for performances by local folk dancers.

Food: Kerala offers a wide variety of cuisine options. The traditional vegetarian menu or Sadhya of a Kerala wedding consists of rice, rasam, sambar, along with a number of curries and vegetables, teamed with pickles and papad. Modern wedding menus may include three or four course meals, including appetizers, biryani or plain rice, curries, and desserts. Tapioca appetizers and Kerala bread called as Idiyappam or Palappam served with curries are deliciously savoured. Depending on your guest list, you can also add Chinese or Continental food to the menu.