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Something Old Something New

Something old: Traditionally, the “old” is more like a family heirloom that has been handed down from your ancestors. It usually has sentimental value too.

It could be a locket, a particular ring or a bracelet. Or it could be the beautiful lace gloves your great-grandmother wore for her wedding, which your grandmother wore and your mother wore.

If there are no pieces of jewelry or any sentimental heirlooms that have been handed down, you can always start a new tradition.

Check out some consignment shops or antique shops and look for something old that you can wear and hand down to your daughter or granddaughter.

‘Something old’ may even be your mother’s wedding gown that she’s been saving for her daughter to wear. Maybe the daughter’s seen photos of her mother’s dress and adamantly refuses to wear it because it’s outdated, too “retro.”

In that case, the old dress can often be updated with the help of a professional wedding dress seamstress. Sleeves can be shortened, the train can be shortened, even the overall look and style of the dress can be modernized to fit the bride’s tastes.

And if none of that is appealing, and the bride has her heart set on wearing a dress of her own, then maybe a piece of lace or embroidery from her mother’s wedding dress can be made into something the bride can carry, like a small purse.

Something new: Most brides think of their wedding dress as something new. But today, some brides are opting to rent a wedding dress or buy a previously used dress from a consignment shop on an online store like eBay or Etsy.

Since ‘something new’ symbolizes everything that hasn’t happened yet – starting a new life together with your new husband, for example, your ‘something new’ can pretty much be anything you want.

You can buy a new pair of earrings and matching necklace and bracelet for the wedding. You can buy a new pair of bridal shoes, or maybe your veil will be brand new even if your dress isn’t.

Or you can get your nails done in a new style or design that you’ve never done before.

You can even use ‘something old, something new’ with one item, for example, making a new wedding dress from an old one. Or turning parts of an old dress into a new handbag or lace gloves.

Just use your imagination when looking for something new for your wedding day.