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Survive a Winter Wedding

Make sure you have an early ceremony

When you have a wedding in winter you need to take into consideration the fact that the amount of daylight in a day is limited. Therefore it is suggested that you look at planning the ceremony so that it is as early in the day has possible, which will ensure that there is enough available light for great photographs.

Choose the wedding venue carefully

Always check that the venue you plan to have your wedding at will not mean that your guests have to linger outside. Appreciate that your guests will want to be inside where it is warm and dry.

Brides need to invest in a warm jacket!

It is not nice hanging around outside in the cold but sometimes when it comes to the photography it is a necessity. The winter scenery should be taken advantage of but you will need to invest in a good jacket to ensure that you stay warm at any point where you need to be outside.

Also don’t forget about the outfits that you choose for your bridesmaids. Warm elegant dresses will ensure they are all comfortable and remain happy throughout the day.

Hire an appropriate winter wedding car

Getting to the church or reception on time is a must, and therefore it is important that you hire a reliable wedding car which will handle the harsh winter season conditions. The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is a perfect choice of car for a winter wedding and is loved by Brides and Grooms across the whole of the country. It does not only fit beautifully amongst the winter scenery, but it will do the job just fine keeping you exceptionally nice and warm in the cold climate. Additionally the magnolia leather seats will add that extra touch of luxury which can not be rivalled by any other car.