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Bridal Bouquet Styles

Bridal bouquet is important and is required not only to complement the bridal gown. It has more significance to just ornamenting the gown and accessorizing the overall look of the brides. The presence of a bridal bouquet means to drive away evil and assure the holiness of the wedding. There was a time, the bridal bouquet was just a simple posy of leaves, herbs, spices and simple flowers which after so many years have come up to play more as an important accessory to the bride. In order to place an order of the bouquet, opt for the professional flower shops with expert florists. Overall, one thing is clear that the flower bouquets are important to any bride and more than just symbolic reasons now. If you are in a fix about which style of bouquet to choose, then the 4 following trends can definitely ease out your pain.

  • Purity and serenity: If you are a person who loves simplicity, then carry the serenity and innocence through your bouquet. A simple composition of fresh white flowers, hand tied in ribbons and frills are a classic choice and can perfectly depict purity.
  • Multiple textures and shapes: This style features quite vibrant composition of floral arrangements but if prepared by professionals from reliable flower shops are sure to reflect your charismatic choice and bold personality.
  • Being all sparkly: Crystal headed pins and silver sparkles all over the flowers or some selected ones can create a varied looking bouquet. Even though your bouquet consists of simple flowers, adding sparkle can undoubtedly add a stunning appeal to the simplest bouquets even.
  • Popular pastel: Pastel shades of flowers are highly popular among most of the brides and can complement every subtle color theme to create an understated magical beauty.

Sexy Wedding of Summer

The cut

On the recent catwalks, many popular styles of bespoke bridal gowns utilise a very different “avant garde” cut than traditional dresses. Whether it is a plunging neckline or shoulders cut in an asymmetrical fashion, there are myriad ways to use the cut of the dress to stunning effect. Another trending look at the moment is the scoop-backed dress, which drops dramatically yet softly down the bride’s back and loops back up over her shoulders. A further take on this is the one-shoulder dress, which scoops down the back and drapes up and back over the front, making it both elegant and daring.

The length

While it is easier to get away with shorter dresses in the summertime, this year, many styles of bespoke bridal gowns are taking up the length to add a touch of sex appeal for the adventurous bride. With traditional bodices but above the knee lengths, the shorter styles really draw attention to the legs while staying subdued enough to satisfy your granny. Conversely, longer, flowing skirts are being paired with lower cut tops or lacy bodices, to help to balance out the risqué with traditional.

The use of lace

As one of the most traditional accessories and materials used in bespoke bridal gowns and even off-the-rack dresses, it is no wonder that lace features highly when designing a more risqué wedding dress. By enabling you to both cover up and show off some skin, a dress can give the illusion of being low cut, cut out or as traditional as you want – with the addition of clever lace, you’ll be tempting but not trampy. A lace bodice fitted to the bride’s body can be paired with a long, flowing skirt and be both alluring and appropriate for a daytime wedding. It’s a careful balance that can be played around with at the time of getting your dress designed. The key is to not be afraid to embrace the lace!

Bands Vs DJs

There are women that have been planning their perfect wedding day for years, this includes everything right down to where they intend holding the reception and the type of music they want for their special day. This is why as a bridal couple, you want to ensure that you book your music well in advance to avoid the risk of disappointment.

If you are torn on whether to choose a band or a DJ, then you need to focus on what each one will offer, helping you determine which one provides you with more advantages to remember and enjoy your day, creating lasting memories that will be with you for the rest of your life.

First, looking at bands, you will find that they provide you with a live performance that you won’t get if you choose a DJ. A band is more traditional for a wedding, whether you have a solo singer or a sixteen piece band, the tradition of live music has been carried down over generations throughout the world.

A band will set the tone for your wedding reception and provide an elegant atmosphere that will be very difficult to duplicate with a DJ. In most instances bands also come with their own DJ who will play a range of songs between sets, so you always have music playing even when the band is taking a breather.

The disadvantage you need to be aware of when choosing a band for your wedding day is that it can be more expensive than a DJ, though the outcome, the atmosphere and the overall experience can be superior, fun and elegant.

Looking at DJs, you will find a more affordable option which may work with your budget a bit easier and you may prefer the idea of creating your own song list, having your own genre choices and being in control of the music played at your reception.

The trick is when choosing a DJ that you want to choose someone who has extensive experience playing at weddings with an outstanding reputation. The good news is that in addition to being cheaper, they will be able to provide you with a wider selection of music from a host of bands and solo singers from around the world.

Another benefit to choosing a DJ over a band is that the song is performed by the original singer and is not a copy or cover. At the same time, you won’t have the same ambiance and traditional reception that a band can provide, which is why this is such a big decision that needs to be made and agreed on.

What you may not realise is that the music on your wedding day is something that you will remember for years to come. While the entertainment is always remembered by you and your guests, it is often the last thing to get booked. Remember to ensure you get the best bands or DJ’s you are going to want to book well in advance, get a contract signed and pay your deposit to secure the band or DJ for your special day.

Finding Right Bridal Makeup Artist

You should be first clear in your mind about the kind of look you want for your big day. Then you need to discuss it with the makeup artist to incorporate new ideas. The look for your wedding should be something that is totally different from normal and at the same time represents your personality.

The artist you choose should have taken some degree in the field before becoming a professional. He will understand your skin type and will know what will work best for you. He will have a good understanding of the ways to hide your eye, nose and cheek bone flaws.

Always keep in mind that the artist who asks for a very high or very low price is not always the best. Never select an artist on the basis of the price he asks for. Your wedding photographs will be with you forever and it is very important that you look your best. You might consider spending a little extra money to get the right makeup artist who can offer you the desired look.

It is always advisable to go for a licensed artist to feel confident and comfortable. A license means that he has undergone proper training to do his work correctly. Also check their portfolio to be sure of the kind of work they have done earlier. Have a look at the photos of the brides they have done makeup of. This way you can be sure that you are getting the right type of services.