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Venues for Under $500

State Park

If you and your partner-to-be are avid nature enthusiasts, you may want to consider hosting your wedding in one of the Nation’s 59 National Parks. Depending on your location, a State Park could house an intimate wedding of 100 while providing a scenic mountain background. All parks do require couples to obtain a $150 Special Use Permit, however the fees associated with space rental typically run under $50/hr.


Sometimes there really is no place like home, and if you have a large enough backyard, your own space could be easily transformed into one of the perfect wedding venues. Most average homes can accommodate a small-scale wedding of 50 people, however, anything larger might warrant a special permit and a fire safety inspection. The main advantage to having a wedding at home is the simple conversion from ceremony to reception, as well as the guest room for grandma after she’s had one too many.

House of Worship

Traditional weddings can come at low prices if you belong to a church, mosque, or synagogue. Although many large-scale Catholic weddings can exceed well over $1,000, many smaller churches and chapels perform member marriage ceremonies on a small fee or donation-only basis. In addition to affordable pricing, a great benefit to having a traditional wedding is that most churches can also provide reception services as well.

Get Creative

Did you meet your partner in an antique shop? Do you both share an affection for apple picking? Unconventional wedding venues can prove to be both heartfelt and budget friendly. In many cases, storefronts, farms, and local museums will re-open their doors for a small fee. If the wedding party is of a smaller size, Newlyweds may have the ability to utilize the space for a small reception party.