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Wedding Etiquette Blunders

Gift Giving

Everyone knows that weddings are a gift giving occasion, but people always ask themselves, “How much should I spend? Should I just give them a check? Do I need to bring a gift to the engagement party?” And so on…

Everyone knows that if you get an invitation to the wedding, and you go to the wedding, then you need to get a gift. But what about the engagement party? It’s become custom for close family and friends to also give an engagement gift, so just make sure you don’t show up to your best friend of 20 years’ engagement party without a gift.

It’s okay to give a check, but checks are impersonal, if it’s your distant relative or a neighbor you know casually, then a check is fine, but registry’s still exist for a reason. The bride and groom have already picked out what they want, so it’s not hard to just buy them something from there.

It’s safe to say that a minimum gift amount should be in the $40 – $50 range. Give more if you have a close relationship with the bride and groom of course.

The Flowers

Weddings aren’t the same without flowers, but do you really need all the flowers that a traditional wedding requires? Sometimes it may feel overwhelming to account for the boutonnieres, the corsages, the bouquets, centerpieces, wedding cake flowers, and who knows what else. Here’s a guide to help you a long.

Traditionally bouquets are purchased for the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honor, and the flowergirl. It may not always be necessary to buy a bouquet for everybody, but everyone knows the bride’s bouquet is a must.

Boutonnieres should be purchased for the groom and his groomsmen, these are usually purchased by the groom’s parents.

Corsages are for the mother’s and grandmother’s of the bride and groom. These tend to be on the more extravagant side, and aren’t always included.