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Wedding Perfumes

Try to match your scent to the theme of the wedding. If you are having a traditional wedding then a classic romantic floral fragrance will match it perfectly. Go for a perfume that has jasmine and musk for a sensual fragrance that lasts long after the actual event. Pick a light summery floral scent if you are having a summer event in a garden or any outdoor area. A crisp citrusy fragrance will be perfect for a beach wedding. If you are having a fall wedding then a spicy scent will be perfect for you.

Wear the perfume before you buy it so that you are sure that it goes well with your own scent. Keep in mind that the perfume should last you a long time so that you smell lovely throughout the wedding ceremony. You might not get a chance to touch it up until just before the reception. Be absolutely sure that the perfume smells good even after a few hours of wearing it. In fact, you should avoid making a decision until you have had the perfume on your skin for at least 30 minutes.

It is not enough to buy the right perfume, although this is undeniably very important. You should also wear it correctly in order to get the best results. Make sure that you apply the perfume to your pulse points which are located on the inner parts of your wrists, your cleavage and behind your ears. Do not rub your wrists together because this will destroy the scent.