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Wedding Receptions on a Budget


When it comes to weddings, choosing to do it yourself can be a lifesaver while adding a special, personal touch to your day. There are different levels of DIY for you to choose from, so do whatever you’re comfortable with and make sure you have a trial run before the big event. Many brides, for instance, choose to do their own flower arrangements for the reception tables.

Know your alternatives

Knowing what alternatives you have can also be a huge fund-saver. For instance, you can use silk flowers in your arrangements as opposed to live ones, this allows you to research and compare flowers ahead of time while also saving you time and stress when designing and putting the arrangements together.

Know the common hidden costs

Don’t let hidden costs catch you by surprise. Research every aspect of what you’re paying for and what you’ll be receiving when it comes to your day. Things like taxes and gratuities can really add up the larger your party is, so make sure you know what’s customary and what’s expected at your venue.

Organize and prioritize

Organization and prioritization will save you both money and stress. What about your reception is most important and what can you do without? The key is knowing where you can cut costs before you make a decision. That way when the decision needs to be made, you’re informed and harder to sway.

Stick to your guns, and your budget

Be an advocate for your budget, and know where each dollar is going. Though it may seem daunting, the more you keep track of each dollar spent, the better perspective you’ll have. While you shouldn’t overspend, you also shouldn’t have to settle on your big day, so make sure you know where your middle ground is.