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Wedding Registry

Gift giving is a way for family and friends to celebrate the couple’s union and help them stock their new home. Couples can take the guesswork out of gift buying and increase their odds of receiving exactly what they desire. Engaged couples can feel free to register for whatever it will take to make their new house a home; be it china, crystal, appliances, or electronics.

It is understandable that young couples who are looking forward to starting a family would anticipate receiving gifts that would assist them in this endeavor; however, in a recent census report statistics show that more and more Americans are waiting longer to get married.

Research indicates that the average age now for women marrying for the first time is 27.1, and for men the average age for first time marriage is 29.1. What this ultimately means is that by the time couples decide they are ready to “tie the knot” each has already established a home filled with all the necessities for living a comfortable life.

So what is the appropriate gift for a couple that will already have two of everything? Some believe that etiquette frowns on a couple requesting monetary gifts, therefore it is suggested that family and friends discreetly spread the word of such a wish. In most cases newlyweds use these monetary gifts to enhance their honeymoon experience. One thing is for sure, no matter what the age or social status of a couple is; they all share one common denominator-the desire for a romantic honeymoon!

In consideration of these statistics registries have evolved to accommodate these situations by instituting Honeymoon Registries. Couples select their destination and can choose from a variety of gifts such as honeymoon suite upgrades; spa services; exciting excursions; monetary trip contributions; gourmet dinners; or champagne. Larger gifts can be divided into smaller increments. Some honeymoon registry organizations provide a wedding website with the ability to link to any social networking platform in addition to the ability to email the link directly to family and friends.